1. Secrets to Successful Social Media

    April 1, 2012 by Mindy Wood

     The big payoff with social media is enough to bait even the most frustrated beginner into becoming a pro. Mastering social media is an important tool you don’t want to overlook, especially because it’s FREE MARKETING!

    It’s important to realize what to do and what not to do and how to draw your audience to your profile. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and niche social media sites (like those for foster parents or teachers) can boost attendance at events, broadcast your services and products, and win customer loyalty.
    There’s just one hitch. You have to talk about yourself in a way that benefits your viewer. Do you really care if a caterer hates cold weather, loves his cat, or finished the wax job on his car? Wouldn’t you rather see gorgeous pictures of fantastic dishes, get cooking tips, and easy recipes that tempt your own culinary instinct? You get the picture.
    Make your viewer NEED your profile. Don’t give away all your secrets but show your work, your art, your ability to create amazing services that they need. Post your events, invitations, and discounts to keep followers…following. How to beef up traffic? Start sending friend requests and subscribe to pages from whom you want the same courtesy. The more you connect, the more attention you draw to your own page.
    Regarding Facebook and Twitter: don’t make several posts a day. If you’re posting five and six times a day, you’re blowing up the news feed and people are thinking, ‘enough already!’ Do schedule your posts (no more than two or three) at peak usage times (when do you check your social media?). If giving them the personal touch is working for you, then by all means post something funny or noteworthy…but again make sure it has a point for your viewer, otherwise it’s just too self focused.
    Regarding Pinterest: if you’re not on there GET ON IT! This is a dream come true for those in the hospitality industry. Use your company website (very important) from which to “pin” those beautiful pictures of your work on Pinterest. This site is picture driven (as opposed to text or post driven) so your photo can be “re-pinned” or copied to hundreds of other user’s profiles in a matter of days or weeks. When viewers click on the photo, it pops up on their screen and when they click it again it will lead them right to your company website. It’s so amazing it almost shouldn’t be legal…or free but it is!

    We hope these secrets inspire you to harness the power of social media. Of course, we’ve been providing benefit driven content with stories, tips, and photos for years. It ain’t news to us….


    Mindy Ragan Wood
    SEO’s Feature Writer


  2. WOW Vendor Showcase Event!

    by Mindy Wood

     Carolyn Willimans, CEO of SpecialEventsOklahoma.com has done it again. The WOW Vendor Showcase will prove to be “can’t miss” planning event of the year! “This is the opportunity regardless of the event you are plannning to get ideas great ideas to help you plan your event. Whether you’re planning a holiday party,  corporate meeting, a birthday to the wedding of a lifetime, no matter the event you can get all the ideas to make your event WOW! If you had only one day to plan this is the day,” said Williams. 

    Highlights include a FREE question and answer session with an event planner, fabulous hors d’oeuvres,  cake and chocolate fountain sampling, music, entertainment, and live set ups for virtually any theme or event! Plus you’ll enjoy taking advantage of deep discounts offered to those who attend the event. 
    You’ll also get a chance to win $5,0000 in prizes, everything from hotel getaways, spa packages, fabulous gifts, to free meetings!
    “All the resources you nee are here in Oklahoma. Dare to dream, dare to have fun and find the WOW in your next event,” said Williams. “I wanted to make this fun, easy, and affordable since not everyone has the time to see so much under one roof. Each vendor will be offering tips, ideas on using their services…without going broke!”
    Don’t miss it. Register online today!
    Happy planning

    Mindy Wood
    SEO Feature Writer


  3. It’s all the rage: Flip Books!

    February 1, 2012 by Greta Madson

    The latest craze in personalized party gifts is flip books and has drifted from Dallas to Oklahoma. Word on the street is, it’s a blast! I happen to know because I brought this fun, crazy, and innovative idea to the state after I stumbled onto a flip book booth while attending an event about a year ago.

    Hi, I’m Greta Madson, co-owner of Pic Stories, a mobile flip book studio. When I approached the flip book booth, it took me a minute to figure out what they were doing. Remember when you were a kid and you doodled a stick man along the corner of each page in a notebook during class? Then you would flip through the notebook and watch your own cartoon come to life. Today video and print technology allows you to be star of your own cartoon with flip books that create a memorable party gift or keepsake.

    You’ll find people laughing and acting a little crazy with this fun energy as they step into the backdrop stocked with an array of props. Even when people are reluctant to get up in front of the camera, it’s always great to see them unwind and let their sense of humor unfold. You only have seven seconds to act out your scene but you’d be surprised what you might come up with! My favorite flip book was the “whack a mole” skit. Two guys would pop up one at a time and then a girl bopped them on the head with a blow up microphone. You can mimic others ideas or come up with a themed idea for your party.

    Helping people have fun is an important part of any special event and it’s a great way to break the ice at corporate parties, graduations, and proms when you start interacting with guests in an unexpected way. Capture a kiss from the bride and groom at a wedding reception or flash a sign up to say thank you while you’re doing something crazy. The possibilities and fun are endless!

    Our quick processing allows your guests instant gratification, printing and binding books in just five minutes following their video session. Our packages are affordable, starting at $325 an hour and includes the cost of your books plus a customized flip book cover.

    See a flip book in action when you visit our website at www.iloveflipbooks.com or give us a call to book Pic Stories for your next event at 405-819-5831.

    Hope to see you in front of the camera!

    Pic Stories “A Mobile Flip Book Studio”
    Greta Madson

  4. Summer Trends Coming Right Up!

    June 7, 2011 by Mindy Wood

    It’s summer! We at Special Events Oklahoma.com are here to tell you what’s hot for a cool summer. Whether you’re looking ahead for family fun, planning a wedding, or fall parties you’ll find the latest news and forecasted trends right here.

    For those of you planning a year out for your big day, brides will be happy to hear that color trends for the 2012 summer wedding are fun, bright, and and festive! Think bright pink with sunny yellow and fresh green accents. For the fall, textured neutral linens with bright colorful accents. Dress styles are retro and vintage and this year’s rage is expected to continue next year. Antique jewelry and dresses following the 1920’s and 30’s fashion are slightly more popular than the modern look of short hem lines and strapless dresses. Look for those fun ideas at the upcoming Oklahoma City and Tulsa bridal shows this summer.

    For brides whose wedding day is approaching soon, it’s not too late to make some changes that really pack the sentiment. More couples are going KISS “Keep it Sentimental Sweetheart” by copying their parents wedding cake top, writing their own vows, or substituting the usual limousine getaway for their father’s classic car. They’re also weaving into their themes causes that they’re passionate about. You’ll see brides opt for donations to favorite environmental efforts or social justice charities rather than gifts.

    Summer fun is here for the whole family. While the zoo is always a good idea, take it up a notch and check out Tiger Safari which allows you to closely observe and interact with exotic animals. Nature walks are great exercise and inexpensive and you can cool off at a spray park or water amusement park. Outdoor concerts and open air plays are also coming up. Don’t forget art shows, seasonal exhibits at museums, and every day fun places for kids like Gatti Town Pizza, Dodgeball Party Zone, Laser Tag, and Celebration Station. Summer is also a good time to take advantage of things like specialty cooking classes offered by catering companies or restaurants and things like pottery and art lessons that are too tough to squeeze in during the sports season that dominates the school year.

    Special Events Oklahoma.com is your planning resource guide. Start with our local resources section and be sure you stop by the calender for the latest upcoming events!

    Here’s wishing you a cool summer!

  5. Delivered: Celebrity Style Spa Treatment!

    by Aneesah McCoy

    Who says you have to stay at a resort in California if you want to be treated like a star? If you want the best in celebrity style pampering look no further than central Oklahoma! I’m Aneesah McCoy, florist, wedding planner and owner at Garden of Eden Boutique & Spa.

    In 2003 I dipped into the hospitality industry with my floral shop and boutique. From there I started planning weddings. As my boutique grew I discovered I not only enjoyed pampering myself but also my clients. We served unique teas and specialty cookies but eventually more and more customers suggested I offer spa services. By 2005 we were offering massages, facials, detox treatments, body wraps and more with the best body care available.

    Soon we decided to offer inbound and outbound celebrity style spa services, called “On the Go Spa.” We bring the treatment to your location and pamper you with our luxurious services and posh body care products. Clients enjoy selections from our light menu which includes salads or even strawberries and champagne! For corporate, bridal and ladies parties we offer a unique spa package for up to 25 people. We come to you or pick you and your guests up in our limousine! Choose from a list of our themes like Bahama Momma or Midnight Summer and let us set the mood for your occasion.

    Our product lines are a treat! I designed my own called “Bathalicious Bath and Body” products, a certified MIO (made in Oklahoma) line, which caters to skin type. It includes sugar and salt scrubs, body lotions, bath salts and massage oil. Our sugar scrub is the top seller and a popular item in stores all over the state. Another big favorite this year is the “Butt Naked” line and Make-Up Designory (MUD). “Sweet Cheeks” is our teen line which encourages your girls to take proper care of their skin at an early age.

    More great merchandise available in our boutique are the Turkish towels and Turkish wraps, top quality and fun pajamas with matching bottoms and hooded tops, plus embroidery and floral services. Football fanatics come to us for their bathroom themes in OU, OSU, and sorority club designs. Themed candy packages, floral arrangements, and more options are available here. We can embroider almost anything you can imagine or design!

    Weddings are a passion of mine too. Currently I am the only wedding planner in the state offering a new trend for couples. Instead of trying to cram all of the nuptial events into one day, leaving everyone exhausted, we set up the two day wedding that is so popular on the West coast. I’m also passionate about the ways different cultures marry. In January I will debut my nationwide magazine, Mahogany Brides that will feature the rich diversity of traditions, styles, and customs of other minority cultures.

    Don’t miss my bridal shows coming up! July 17th you’ll find us at the Tulsa Mayo Hotel and in August we’re planning a second one in Oklahoma City. Be sure and check with us for the location and dates August through October.

    Everyone deserves a day of pampering, whether you want the celebrity spa treatment or just want to enjoy our fun, warm atmosphere, Garden of Eden Boutique & Spa is a welcome retreat any day of the week. Come see us in 50 Penn Place on NW Expressway.

    Aneesah McCoy
    Garden of Eden Boutique and Spa
    50 Penn Place Building
    1900 NW Expressway
    Oklahoma City, Ok. 73118
    Ph. 405-837-3817

  6. Latest & Greatest May 2011

    May 4, 2011 by admin

  7. Oklahoma Love!

    February 4, 2011 by Mindy Wood

    Why leave one of the most unique, culture rich states in the country to spend your valentine’s weekend with the one you love? Our proud state has a lot to offer love birds. There are romantic resorts, nationally acclaimed chefs, scenic getaways, top notch theaters, night life destinations, and gift shops that carry everything for everyone!

    Spend a romantic weekend at a country bed and breakfast inn or posh hotel. Our Resource Directory will point you in the right direction when you search our “venue” category. Everything from little out of the way, historic bungalows or spa resorts to sophisticated, stylish hotels located near big city action can be found here. Don’t miss our newest listings!

    If you and your loved one are foodies, look up a caterer to whip up something different or unique for delivery or pickup. Find your next favorite restaurant when you browse our catering and food section. Specialty food shops like chocolate and candy stores and restaurant gift shops add special fun and romance.

    Plan an exciting evening with our events calendar where you’ll be in the know about concerts and the latest theater productions. You can easily purchase tickets online and surprise them over dinner or escort your date to a dinner theater!

    Buy your special someone a gift they’ll remember when you shop for personalized gifts like signs for the office desk or your home, hand stamped jewelry, or his & hers gift items. These gifts make the perfect addition to flowers and candy. It’s never been easier to find meaningful gifts when you shop any of our vendors in our gift section.

    With so many vendors listed at Special Events Oklahoma you’ll find endless ideas to fill your day and evening with love and romance. As planning experts, you’ll see how easy it is to create the perfect date and make this year your most memorable Valentine’s holiday ever!

    Mindy Wood
    SEO Feature Writer


  8. Save Money One Invite at a Time!

    by Kerri Holleyman

    There are a lot of things about planning a wedding that are very expensive. We all know the adage of “make a budget and add 10%”. Paper Trendz is a local vendor that is doing their part to make weddings a little more affordable!

    As owner of the local invitation boutique, Paper Trendz, I see so many brides exasperated by things that end up needlessly costing more for their wedding. We opened Paper Trendz year or so after getting married myself. While planning my wedding, I fell in love with the paper and invitation process but realized it was a little expensive. The interactions were sometimes less than personal. So the mission emerged to offer the highest quality invitation without breaking the bank. We chose to work by appointment only and not in a large retail store to both pass great discounts on to our brides and provide a “personal touch” experience. You become our friend, not just our customer.

    The invitation is important because it’s the first impression of your union and sets the tone for your Wedding. It also creates expectations for either a fun, relaxed party or an elegant, black tie affair. In addition to the invitation, there are so many accessories that should tie in with the theme of your event. There are place card settings, thank you cards, menu cards, favor boxes and more. Are you overwhelmed yet? That’s where we can help you with tips like placing just two menu cards at each table instead of one for every place setting. Little things like that will still create an exquisite look and make your budget smile.

    Saving money is like finding gold these days, but it’s risky to do your invitations yourself and it could cost you more. If you go the online route, you’re just a number and if that vendor makes a mistake it’s almost impossible to get it fixed. If you select a local printer, you’ll find it’s more costly for that printer to run 350 pieces than it is 2,500. The invitation process is very detailed and there are so many options you might not get, simply because you don’t know they’re available.

    That’s where Paper Trendz comes in. We work to save brides money without giving up the things they want. If they need to save some on the invitation to include napkins or place settings, we do it, but only if you are completely happy with the outcome. If there is ever a mistake, we are a phone call away and we work to quickly resolve any issue. Paper Trendz will make sure each different piece of paper is a cohesive reflection of your event and that you get exactly what you ordered.

    Lastly, don’t forget about unique addressing services for your envelopes. The color and quality are equal to the invitation with fonts that appear to be hand written. If you would like the truly handwritten address, we work with great calligraphers. Self inking stamps are a fun addition to use for thank you cards or any correspondence that needs a special touch. Paper Trendz handles everything from announcements for graduates, babies, weddings, and engagements to diaper cakes, stationary, and address labels. Visit our website to see our versatile options, designs and services plus you can even book your appointment online at www.papertrendz.com.

    In February, we will be at our great new location at Studio Mid-Town 1138 North Robinson (just west of Broadway and 10th street).

    Paper Trendz
    Kerri Holleyman
    1138 North Robinson
    Oklahoma City, OK 73103
    (405)415.6784 (10:00am to 6:00pm CST)


  9. Naturally Enchanting!

    January 4, 2011 by Tim Van Maren

    When people plan a large event, many look for a place to retreat from the pace of life. They want something warm, earthy, and peaceful. That’s one of several reasons Tulsa’s Silo Event Center is a favorite. I’m Tim Van Maren, operations manager of the Silo and Cedar Rock Inn, a historic bed and breakfast.

    Randy and Sandi Dittmann purchased and spent six years renovating what was then called Cedar Rock, built in 1890 and once home to Creek Nation allottee, Tecumseh Perryman. When the property holding the antique dairy barn came up for sale, they purchased it and immediately worked to create the Silo Event Center as a unique venue. They carefully expanded Cedar Rock to offer five suites and were able to save the first floor of the silo, using as much original and native materials as possible. The result of their work was an enchanting venue with carefully preserved history, picturesque landscape, and state of the art amenities to meet their customer’s every need.

    The earth friendly Silo Event Center reflects the “green philosophy” of it’s owners, recycling and reusing all possible materials including bottles and cans from events and office paper. They installed a grass parking lot and septic system and use low energy bulbs to reduce wasted energy. The natural atmosphere of the surrounding wooded hills and the warm interior made of reclaimed barn board and oak ceiling make this anything but a cold, empty ballroom at a crowded, busy location.

    We define customization as delivering exactly what our customers want. We offer as much or as little planning or design services as is requested from rehearsal dinner to reception. We’ll even manage rental orders for specific items so you can put out of your mind. Glasses, flatware, all indoor tables and audio visual amenities are conveniently included. To make sure your event runs smoothly, we provide an assigned event manager so there’s no need to worry about the endless details.

    We house an executive chef who creates the menu exactly to your tastes. With the finest in house kitchen our food never sees a hot box, serving everything from your choice of light or heavy hors’ de uerves to buffet, or plated dinners.

    Our prices are very competitive and range from $500 for a daytime event to $3500 for a Saturday evening and there are never any surprises on the final bill. Because we are outside city limits, customers save hundreds of dollars with a 3% lower tax rate.

    We handle anniversaries, reunions, weddings, memorial services, birthday parties, corporate events and much more for up to 200 people. Take a tour of our facility in person or online and see why the Silo Event Center is the perfect location for your next memorable event!

    Silo Event Center

    Tim Van Maren, Operations Manager


  10. Cut Your Shopping Time in HALF!

    December 9, 2010 by Mindy Wood

    We at Special Events Oklahoma know how stressful the gift buying season can be but as experts in the hospitality industry, our goal is make your life a lot easier and that includes your holiday gift list. Below you’ll find “the year in gifts” from recently featured vendors in our directory plus great gift ideas and a challenge to cut your buying time in half!

    Forget the “twelve days of Christmas shopping” and take just six days to get it all done. Use the guide we’ve provided below and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to find something for everyone! Ditch the crowded malls and shopping centers and have some fun.

    Day One: This year we’ve seen handcrafted goods skyrocket from the latest craze to a retail trend and it’s probably here to stay. Shoppers are passing on department stores for unique and fun gifts you can’t find just anywhere. A must shop for inspirational gifts, Annabelle’s Galleria truly has something for the whole family from personalized signs to hand made jewelry, hats, handbags, clothing and more. Don’t forget the ever chic, Nonna’s Painted Door for uncommon treasures, trinkets and treats akin to an emporium! Grab a bite for lunch and enjoy the shopping experience on your way out!

    Day Two: “Give yourself or someone you love the perfect gift: a day of spa treatment at Jon’Ric International Spa. Everyone could use a relaxing day off after the busy holiday season.

    Day Three: “Grab a steaming cup of your favorite beverage and prop up your feet on your desk. You can shop this gift store online! The Gift Garden offers a personal touch with handcrafted soaps and body products that allow you to create your own signature scent. Check off several names on your list by booking a fun day with your closest gal pals and learn the art of making glycerin soaps!

    Day Three: “This is the time of year to indulge in rich, tantalizing food so don’t pass up 42nd Street Candy Co. Show clients or loved ones how much you appreciate them with a sumptuous gift basket filled with chocolates and candies or even wine and cheeses. They can create one of a kind baskets for just about anyone and you can even add items not in their store to make it even more personal!

    Day Four: “For the office it’s hard to find something that fits the bill, both in budget and versatility. For your staff stop by Ad Specialties & More and choose from more than 800,000 items with a friendly expert who knows just what you’re looking for. Mugs, pens, bags, office equipment, and so much more! Empower the female entrepreneurs in your circles with A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur’s Spirit: Women’s Edition at Barnes & Nobles or at amazon.com.

    Day Five: “For the couple who has everything, stop in at Amini’s Galleria where you’ll discover things you can’t find anywhere else with colors, sizes, and concepts outside the norm. They specialize in gifts for the home from unique indoor and outdoor furniture to exotic rugs, pictures, mirrors, and much more!

    Day Six: “Photography is emerging in a new and ever creative way as these professionals capture our emotions through the lens. Why not consider giving family or friends a photography session with one our professionals at SEO. Choose from several gifted photographers who capture moments that time will never give back!

    By Mindy Ragan Wood
    SEO Feature Writer