1. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

    February 1, 2012 by Daniel Gordon

    A Dazzling Reputation!

    It’s been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  They’ve also been extremely good to Samuel Gordon Jewelers for more than 104 years and four generations of Samuel Gordon’s direct descendents.   

    Hello, my name is Daniel Gordon, President of Samuel Gordon Jewelers. You might think that since I’m the great grandson of Samuel Gordon that taking my place in the family business would have been automatic.  Actually, I had to learn the business from the ground up and "pay my dues" to work my way up the family ladder.

    When I was young, I worked at the store doing odd jobs and errands on the weekends.  After graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma with my degree in marketing, I left the business because it’s a Samuel Gordon Jewelers tradition that family members work outside the family business for about two years.  I spent that time working in the newspaper and banking industries before returning.  Even then, I started from the bottom – back to doing odd jobs and running errands for a solid year.

    On my 23rd birthday, after graduating to working in our jewelry repair department, I got my big break.  A repair customer who knew me well asked me to help him choose a diamond.  After two hours, he chose a $35,000 diamond, which was a substantial first sale – even in 1996.  This certainly helped pave my way into sales and ultimately management.  I became president of the company about four years ago.

    I share my family’s passion for diamonds and jewelry of all types.  I’m particularly obsessed with watches and designer jewelry.  I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and establishing many long-term relationships with customers who return time after time to trust Samuel Gordon Jewelers for their jewelry needs.  We still have several elderly customers who bought their first pieces from my great grandfather.

    Samuel Gordon Jewelers has the largest selection of engagement rings in the Oklahoma City area…125 linear feet of displays!  We also have a wide selection of everyday and designer jewelry.  Through our Tacori collection, we sell engagement and wedding rings that can be coordinated with gifts for the bride and groom, as well as, accessories for the wedding party, such as earrings and necklaces.

    At Samuel Gordon Jewelers, we are sincerely grateful to our many customers who have made us their jeweler of choice for more than a century.  Today, we continue our family’s proud tradition of strict standards of ethics and a total commitment to customer service and satisfaction.  

    A diamond is forever, so choose the jeweler Oklahoma City has trusted for 104 years.  Please visit us online at www.sgj.com or stop in at 5521 North Pennsylvania in Oklahoma City.  

    Daniel Gordon, President
    Samuel Gordon Jewelers
    5521 North Pennsylvania Avenue
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112

  2. Stepping Out

    September 3, 2010 by Janie Dowling

    Working moms know what it’s like. Whether you work an office job, a retail store or you work all the hours in between, it’s tough to squeeze in quality family time. Rushing here and rushing there you strive to give your kids every opportunity you can but at the end of the day you wish you could be there more and do more.

    I know what you mean. My name is Janie Dowling, owner of Anabelle’s Galleria, and I loved working retail until my children came along. My husband and I realized something needed to change for me and for my family. I took a deep breath, quit working in corporate retail and starting dabbling in trade shows and craft festivals, with family and mentors cheering me on. I knew how to merchandise, how to help customers, and I hoped I had an eye for the kind of gifts that people would want to give each other and enjoy for themselves.

    The excitement of doing shows and seeing people love what I enjoyed led me to start my own business, Anabelle’s Galleria in Edmond Oklahoma. Now I can work my career around my kids instead of the other way around.

    In fact, my kids are some of my best helpers. In addition to a great staff, my daughter Anabelle loves to pick out jewelry and even though she’s only six, she’s got style! My son Caleb is 13 and is a huge help when I do shows and keeps 7 year old Parker busy unpacking boxes and merchandising. I get to see my kids and teach them life lessons as we work together. Its the best of both worlds!

    At Anabelle’s Galleria we wanted our customers to experience meaningful exchanges with their family and friends. That’s why we carry inspirational artwork like Glory House and gifts that let you give something from your heart. We carry items for personalization like stationary, personalized wooden signs for a new couple’s home or a heartwarming message for a friend, and hand stamped necklaces so you can create something unique. We love the popular jewelry line “Waxing Poetic” which offers a wide selection of handcrafted bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces and charms encompassing antique to trés chic. Handbags, hats, and delicious Patty Wax soy candles are a few must haves that also make great gifts as well.

    We have something for everyone with adult, youth, and children’s clothing. We make sure merchandise is fun and unique and because we have a passion for the truly creative, we also showcase local artwork to give our customers one-of-a-kind selections.

    Come see us at 2000 W. Danforth in Edmond, Oklahoma and be sure to catch us at our new location in October at 2nd and Western where you’ll see our new lines.

    Anabelle’s Galleria
    2000 W. Danforth
    Edmond, OK
    Ph: 405.359.1189


    New Address in October:
    1201 NW 178th Ste. 112
    Edmond, OK