1. The Travel Specialists

    May 1, 2012 by Bonnie Hedges

    There are almost as many travel agencies as there are reasons to travel. So, how do you know which is best for corporate, vacation, cruise or group travel?  Easy! Just choose the one agency that has the experience and specialized departments for them all!  Hello, my name is Bonnie Hedges, Certified Travel Consultant and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Travel Leaders – Bentley Hedges Travel.   I married Bentley Hedges and joined him and his daughter in the business in 1999.  Previously, I had worked in Las Vegas as the Director and General Manager for a large travel agency, where I gained a great deal of experience in government,, cruises, tours and luxury travel with emphasis on group and corporate incentive travel.  Travel Leaders – Bentley Hedges Travel is a 40-year, full service agency with specialized departments in all the major areas of travel.  Each department agent has exceptional qualifications and credentials, detailed training experience, as well as extensive study in his or her area of expertise.   We actually send our agents to destinations so that they experience first-hand what our travelers can expect.  Our corporate and business agent helps corporate travelers find the airline with the most applicable benefits – the perks and best value.  After our agent is given a company’s travel policies, we determine the preferred vendors for air, hotel and ground travel.  Bentley Hedges also has a department that exclusively arranges weddings and honeymoons in Mexico (Cancun Rivera Maya), Jamaica, the Caribbean, Las Vegas, New York, Florida – romantic destinations all over the World.   We are aware of the all-inclusive options available, as well as the legalities of getting married in a particular country.  Couples can relax and enjoy themselves knowing that Bentley Hedges takes care of everything – the wedding, honeymoon, documentation and arrangements for the entire wedding party.  Groups and Incentive travel at Bentley Hedges is one of my specialties.  I arrange out-of-city and out-of-state meetings just about anywhere.  I coordinate every aspect of the meeting – air and land transpiration, hotel and meeting space accommodations, meals and audio/visual equipment.  Cruise meetings are becoming more and more popular as companies realize the advantages of having all their associates gather as a captive audience in one exciting and rewarding location.  Cruise meetings are often the best value, since lodging, entertainment, meeting space and meals are offered on an all-inclusive basis.                                      No matter what your reason for travel might be, choose your travel agent as you would interview and hire any other professional.  When you base your decision on expertise, experience and reputation, you’ll find as travelers have for more than 40 years, that Travel Leaders – Bentley Hedges Travel is the one to trust for a rewarding, long-term relationship.   Bonnie Hedges, CTC Vice President Sales and Marketing Travel Leaders – Bentley Hedges Travel 10011 South Pennsylvania Building H Oklahoma City, OK 73159 Vacations@bhtravel.com

  2. OKC’s Most Unique Limousines!

    July 1, 2011 by Ron Rampersad

    Have you noticed the new limousines in town? You’ve probably seen the H2Hummer, the F-350 Dually, and sleek Lincoln sedan streaming down Oklahoma City’s hottest clubs, best restaurants, and movie and sporting events.

    I’m Ron Rampersad owner of OKC Luxury Limo. At a length span of 39 feet, we drive the longest limos in OKC and offer the metro’s only fully functioning truck limousines! As owner of multiple businesses serving real estate and home construction markets, I used limousine services as a customer appreciation gesture for my client’s office and end of the year parties. I’d always thought about owning a limousine company but when my family couldn’t find an available limo for my nephew’s prom I decided there was room for another limousine service in Oklahoma City.

    I wanted my line to stand out and generate a buzz. I secured truck limousines in addition to other luxury cars and made sure they featured the latest audio visual entertainment systems, LED lighting, and the best drivers in the metro area. I believe in offering the best service in anything I do, so our drivers are always prompt, courteous, and professional. They’ll treat you like the metro’s most important guest anywhere you want to go. We’re also Remington Park’s exclusive limousine service!

    A night on the town is so much more fun when you’re driving in limousine style. We serve weddings, birthday parties, proms, quinceaneras, reunions, sporting events, business travel, wine tastings, a night out with friends, and more. All of our vehicles can carry eight or more passengers and we offer competitive packages if you’d like dinner reservations, movie, theater or sporting event tickets. Whether you want the classic appeal of our black Lincoln sedan limousine or you want to make a bold statement in one of our truck limousines, you’ll be escorted with class, elegance, and style.

    For your next big plans, let us provide you with the hottest limousines in town and the best service. See our vehicles for yourself on our website or call us to book your next ride in style!

    OKC Luxury Limo, Limousine Service

  3. Naturally Enchanting!

    January 4, 2011 by Tim Van Maren

    When people plan a large event, many look for a place to retreat from the pace of life. They want something warm, earthy, and peaceful. That’s one of several reasons Tulsa’s Silo Event Center is a favorite. I’m Tim Van Maren, operations manager of the Silo and Cedar Rock Inn, a historic bed and breakfast.

    Randy and Sandi Dittmann purchased and spent six years renovating what was then called Cedar Rock, built in 1890 and once home to Creek Nation allottee, Tecumseh Perryman. When the property holding the antique dairy barn came up for sale, they purchased it and immediately worked to create the Silo Event Center as a unique venue. They carefully expanded Cedar Rock to offer five suites and were able to save the first floor of the silo, using as much original and native materials as possible. The result of their work was an enchanting venue with carefully preserved history, picturesque landscape, and state of the art amenities to meet their customer’s every need.

    The earth friendly Silo Event Center reflects the “green philosophy” of it’s owners, recycling and reusing all possible materials including bottles and cans from events and office paper. They installed a grass parking lot and septic system and use low energy bulbs to reduce wasted energy. The natural atmosphere of the surrounding wooded hills and the warm interior made of reclaimed barn board and oak ceiling make this anything but a cold, empty ballroom at a crowded, busy location.

    We define customization as delivering exactly what our customers want. We offer as much or as little planning or design services as is requested from rehearsal dinner to reception. We’ll even manage rental orders for specific items so you can put out of your mind. Glasses, flatware, all indoor tables and audio visual amenities are conveniently included. To make sure your event runs smoothly, we provide an assigned event manager so there’s no need to worry about the endless details.

    We house an executive chef who creates the menu exactly to your tastes. With the finest in house kitchen our food never sees a hot box, serving everything from your choice of light or heavy hors’ de uerves to buffet, or plated dinners.

    Our prices are very competitive and range from $500 for a daytime event to $3500 for a Saturday evening and there are never any surprises on the final bill. Because we are outside city limits, customers save hundreds of dollars with a 3% lower tax rate.

    We handle anniversaries, reunions, weddings, memorial services, birthday parties, corporate events and much more for up to 200 people. Take a tour of our facility in person or online and see why the Silo Event Center is the perfect location for your next memorable event!

    Silo Event Center

    Tim Van Maren, Operations Manager


  4. Chick Trips to Downtown Shawnee

    April 6, 2010 by Denise May

    This year, Oklahoma Dept. of Tourism and Recreation is making “Chick Trips” one of its hottest promotions. Why? Because girls just want to have fun! So grab your mom, daughters, sisters and friends to spend the day delightfully discovering historic Downtown Shawnee’s many treasures.

    Treasures and bargains await you in Downtown Shawnee’s slow-pace, hassle-free area with park-at-the-door convenience. Even window shopping is fun in downtown Shawnee, but wait until you come inside. In one historic building after another, you’ll find boutique shops, antique and gift stores, home furnishings and even a flea market or two.
    Step back in time visiting Downtown Shawnee’s historic buildings – six of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
    Discover Shawnee’s rich and romantic railroad history by touring Downtown Shawnee’s Santa Fe Depot Museum. By 1907, an average of 42 passenger trains and 65 freight trains are estimated to have arrived in Shawnee daily. The Santa Fe Depot’s historical significance is also due to its fortress-like architectural style. It’s considered by many to be the most unique and picturesque among all Oklahoma depots.
    Also on the Depot’s grounds is Beard Cabin, built by John Beard and family. Beard raced his horse into history at 12 Noon on September 22, 1891. He beat out 60 other hopefuls to stake his claim at 12 noon when the shot rang out open land for settlement.
    Check out the Ritz Theater that once showed silent movies and vaudeville entertainment. Stroll by architecturally significant buildings that span Shawnee’s earliest days through the opulence of oil boom eras. See where bullet-riddled Public Enemy #1 Wilbur Underhill was captured by “the feds.” Everywhere you go, a piece of history awaits!
    Enjoy an afternoon “chick flick” matinee or dinner movie at the historic Hornbeck Theater. Tickets are only $1.50. Be sure to climb the staircase for an historic peek at how “balcony” movie theaters used to be. After the film, check out the local pub next door for your girls-only happy hour and game of billiards.
    Can’t decide on what to eat? Try a little bite of everything at Downtown Shawnee’s many restaurant choices. Enjoy a leisurely lunch in a charming, painted courtyard tea room. Share the latest gossip over a juicy hamburger in a retro restaurant, or stop in for a great dog with “spaghelli” for a change. Home-made pies and home-style cooking – even sandwiches to go for a picnic lunch in Celebration Park. It’s all delicious and all within just a few short blocks.
    If you’d like more information or help on arranging your group’s tour or to find out when our festivals are held, please call 405-273-1080. You’ll find you and your gal pals are more then welcome in Downtown Shawnee….The Heart of the City.

    Denise May, Marketing Director

    Downtown Shawnee, Inc.
    P. O. Box 534
    Shawnee, Oklahoma 74804

  5. Catching Dreams with Horses

    February 5, 2010 by Sondra Reeves


     Hello, my name is Sondra Reeves, the owner of Dreamcatcher Carriage and Party Ponies in Tulsa. I’m lucky to have been around horses all my life. After graduating with a degree in education, I worked in the Human Resources field, but eventually decided to pursue my real passion, which is horses, and share that love with other people.

    I discovered the joy of carriage driving when my daughter brought home our first team from Minnesota.   The business began with offering Christmas carriage rides, but the referrals grew the business to include weddings, adult and children’s birthday parties, anniversaries, romantic proposals – all types of events all over Oklahoma.
    Currently, we have 11 large draft horses and 15 ponies that range from 37” to 46,” the larger of which can accommodate children up to 65 pounds.   In addition to carriages, we have a horse-drawn trolley, pony carrousel and hayride wagon. Our vehicles are handicapped accessible.
    The horses are well trained with experienced drivers. The horses are also “street legal,” which means we’re licensed to drive them on private streets and at all sorts of venues, including churches, schools, corporate gatherings, hotel parking lots and even private backyards for the smaller birthday ponies.
    At our own 25-acre ranch in Sapulpa, just outside Tulsa, we host campouts, hayrides and theme parties.
    Dreamcatcher Carriage and Party Ponies works individually with each client, decorating our carriage and horses with color-coordinated flowers and plumes. We can even decorate them according to your theme; some we have done in the past include tuxedo, western, Mexican, East Indian and more. 
    If you’re planning on thrilling a child with ponies at their birthday parties, popping the question on a romantic carriage ride, or incorporating horses into any church, school or corporate event, let Dreamcatcher Carriage and Party Ponies help you realize your own special event dream.

    Horses have always been an animal that inspires the dreams of humans.   Whether it’s their grace, strength or spirit, adults and children are drawn to horses and have incorporated them into special events for thousands of years. 

    Sondra Reeves, Owner

    Dreamcatcher Carriage and Party Ponies
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    1-918-CARIAGE (227-4243)





  6. Oklahoma River Cruises

    October 1, 2009 by Jody Hamilton

    River Parties! 

    The first item on a party planner’s agenda is usually choosing the perfect location.  You could choose a typical land-lover spot.  But, why not let the good times keep “rollin’ on the river” with your very own party ferry! 

    Hello, my name is Jody Hamilton, the event and group coordinator for Oklahoma River Cruises, a public ferry service on the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City.  I moved to Oklahoma City after having been an manager for a large company in Tulsa.  I was looking for something fun to do while meeting people. Being a ticket agent for the newly opened Oklahoma River Cruises seemed like…well, just the ticket.  Being such a new company, I had an opportunity to learn the business from the ground up and was quickly promoted to Event and Group Coordinator.  The job’s more fun than I could have hoped for and it’s great working for a company that’s growing and innovating all the time. 

    Oklahoma River Cruises run public ferry service along a seven mile stretch of the Oklahoma River between the Meridian and Regatta Landings.  The cruisers travel through two locks for the eighteen feet of elevation needed to make the trip.  It is just like the Panama Canal, only smaller and much faster.  This seven mile section of the river is part of the North Canadian River which was damned and controlled with a 2-lock system and is now called the Oklahoma River.  Our Regatta Park Landing is located about three blocks south of Bricktown near downtown Oklahoma City.  (Read More…)

  7. Oklahoma Premier Carriage Company

    September 1, 2009 by Clint Parker

    Horse Magic!

    Limo Carriage in BricktownThere’s really nothing else that says “special occasion” like a horse-drawn carriage!  The majesty of the impressive equines and that almost hypnotic “clip clop” chant of their hooves inspires romance, awe, majesty or just plain fun for events of all kinds. (Read More…)

  8. Arcadian Inn

    July 31, 2009 by Martha Hall

     Bed, Breakfast and Romance!  


    In this hustle-bustle world, a couple often loses the romance and intimacy they once enjoyed as their days are consumed with the needs of family and work. Although many husbands and wives dream of quality, private time, they assume the romantic bed & breakfast atmosphere is just “too far away.”   Fortunately, that perfect place to rediscover romance is closer than you think. (Read More…)

  9. Kincaid Tours and Travel

    July 1, 2009 by David Bishop

    Worry-free Travel!



     Too often, arranging travel arrangements can take the fun right out of a trip.  There’s so much to consider…where-to-stay-and-eat? what-to-see-and do? how-much-will-it-all-cost?  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to just trust someone with all the worrisome details?

    (Read More…)

  10. Echo Canyon Spa Resort

    June 2, 2009 by Carol VanHorn

    A Gourmet Stay!



    Pampered, relax and inspired.  Isn’t that how you’d like everyone to feel at your next group function?  The spa resort experience is rapidly becoming a top choice for special event planners. And, no one does it better – or closer to home – than Echo Canyon Spa Resort in Sulphur, Oklahoma. (Read More…)