1. It’s all the rage: Flip Books!

    February 1, 2012 by Greta Madson

    The latest craze in personalized party gifts is flip books and has drifted from Dallas to Oklahoma. Word on the street is, it’s a blast! I happen to know because I brought this fun, crazy, and innovative idea to the state after I stumbled onto a flip book booth while attending an event about a year ago.

    Hi, I’m Greta Madson, co-owner of Pic Stories, a mobile flip book studio. When I approached the flip book booth, it took me a minute to figure out what they were doing. Remember when you were a kid and you doodled a stick man along the corner of each page in a notebook during class? Then you would flip through the notebook and watch your own cartoon come to life. Today video and print technology allows you to be star of your own cartoon with flip books that create a memorable party gift or keepsake.

    You’ll find people laughing and acting a little crazy with this fun energy as they step into the backdrop stocked with an array of props. Even when people are reluctant to get up in front of the camera, it’s always great to see them unwind and let their sense of humor unfold. You only have seven seconds to act out your scene but you’d be surprised what you might come up with! My favorite flip book was the “whack a mole” skit. Two guys would pop up one at a time and then a girl bopped them on the head with a blow up microphone. You can mimic others ideas or come up with a themed idea for your party.

    Helping people have fun is an important part of any special event and it’s a great way to break the ice at corporate parties, graduations, and proms when you start interacting with guests in an unexpected way. Capture a kiss from the bride and groom at a wedding reception or flash a sign up to say thank you while you’re doing something crazy. The possibilities and fun are endless!

    Our quick processing allows your guests instant gratification, printing and binding books in just five minutes following their video session. Our packages are affordable, starting at $325 an hour and includes the cost of your books plus a customized flip book cover.

    See a flip book in action when you visit our website at www.iloveflipbooks.com or give us a call to book Pic Stories for your next event at 405-819-5831.

    Hope to see you in front of the camera!

    Pic Stories “A Mobile Flip Book Studio”
    Greta Madson

  2. Dinsmore Studio

    December 4, 2009 by Mandy Davis


    Picture Perfect for 60 years! 
    Today’s technology has lead some to believe that taking great photos is just a matter of point, click and the camera will do the rest.   The truth is that exceptional photos, especially for those that capture moments of a lifetime, still depend on who’s behind the camera. Creativity, experience and the eye of an artist simply can’t be duplicated by high-tech. 
    Hello, my name is Mandy Davis, Manager and Photographer for Dinsmore Studio.  Before becoming a photographer in 1997, I had plans for a career in graphic design and advertising.  However, there simply wasn’t a design school in Enid where I lived.  With a new baby, I decided to stay close to home and not go away to school.  A local photography company sent me to school and my career blossomed from there, especially after I moved to Oklahoma City to become a photographer at Dinsmore Studio. 
      (Read More…)

  3. Sweet Dream Photos

    January 1, 2009 by Amanda Norman

    Sweet Dream PhotosThe All-Day, Your-Way Photographer!

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the perfect photo is worth a lifetime of joyful memories.

    Hello, my name is Amanda Norman, the owner of Sweet Dream Photos.  You might say that photography runs in my blood, since my father was a glamour and fashion photographer.  I always knew that being a photographer was my passion and even took some classes (where I was the student teacher).  But, sometimes life gets in the way of dreams. I earned my degree in broadcast journalism and then became a paralegal after I married.   (Read More…)

  4. The Oklahoma Photobooth Company

    October 28, 2008 by Louise Birdsell

    The Oklahoma PhotoboothInstant Memories

    Picture yourself having photos of your special occasion in just 10 seconds, while your guests have the time of their lives!  I’m Louise Birdsell and my husband John and I would  like to introduce you to The Oklahoma Photobooth Company – a sure way to make instant memories (and great fun) at your next reception, event or party. (Read More…)

  5. Tammy Luker Photography

    by Tammy Luker

    Capture the Moment!

    Your wedding photographs should capture more than the "happenings."  Each photo should reflect what was felt at the moment it was taken, so that years and years from now you’ll relive that wonderful feeling each time you look at it.

    Hello, my name is Tammy Luker.  I’ve loved taking photographs even when I was a little girl, but never thought about becoming a professional photographer until after the birth of my fourth child.   (Read More…)

  6. Lynn Timmons Photography

    by Lynn Timmons

    Capture the Moment!

    Hello, I am Lynn Timmons, owner of Lynn Timmons | photographers. I have been a Professional Photographer for 15 years based in Oklahoma City. With our three photographers, my studio offers many types of photography ranging from weddings and portraits to corporate, commercial and event photography. Although based in OKC, we often travel to many different destinations on a variety of assignments. What I hope to offer in this article are some suggestions on finding the right photographer for your needs. With the success of digital photography in the consumer market, I would like to offer suggestions on assuring the photographer you hire is a true professional… (Read More…)

  7. Creative Photo Video

    by Rick Joiner

    Capture the Beauty!

    Creative Photo Video, Inc., began in 1984 when Rick and Wreatha Joiner purchased a VHS video camera to make some extra money. The video production industry was in its infancy at the time. Rick was selling professional video equipment using his electronics background. (Read More…)