1. Superb Lighting, Magnificent Entertainment

    October 1, 2011 by Dewey Beene

    Photographers have coined the phrase “lighting is everything” and when it comes to your special event, it is just as vital. When the floral is set, the décor is in place, it’s the lighting and delivery of spectacular entertainment that makes the experience an unforgettable affair.I’m Dewey Beene, owner of Innovative Entertainment Solutions in Oklahoma City. My career in the special event planning industry started at Frontier City, just before I left high school where I learned the art of entertaining a crowd.

    For five years, I was the featured stage magician for the OKC theme park and later, to the national chain of Six Flags theme parks. My career moved forward when I began hiring and casting other talent for shows at theme parks, theaters and other entertainment arenas. Most recently was a stint in Branson at The Magical Palace. After touring for years coordinating shows, I married, started a family and decided it was time to stay home.

    I took all that experience in lighting, sound and audio effects from the theatrical arena and began to apply it to weddings and special events for corporations, charities, high society soirees, private as well as civic affairs. Out of Innovative Entertainment Solutions came a partnership with Dolly Levi’s Event Design Studio, a full service event planning company, and the creation of The Wedding Workshop, an educational seminar for brides and vendors.

    At IES we specialize in the event production. We understand that everything from creative lighting and moving sounds, to unique and novelty entertainment must have a cohesive element. Our team of experts skillfully merges the elements of mood and emotion, theme and style to create the environment clients want to experience.

    Lighting in the entertainment industry is known as the event planner’s secret weapon. It reveals elements you want to see, hides the ones you don’t and accentuates areas that need to have that special something. Imagine spotlighting a cake, centerpiece, color themes or image patterns which create those stunning accents. You can bring in all the drapery and all sorts of gorgeous décor and elements, but until they are lit they fade into the background.

    The entertainment at Innovative Entertainment Solutions brings world class acts to your special event. Broadway musicals, side splitting comedians, acrobats, “living statues,” tenor vocalists, humorous motivational speakers and an interactive dance floor are just a few professional acts from which to choose. Our wide variety of productions is a perfect for everything including weddings to President Bush’s recent visit to OKC to raise money for the McCain/Palin campaign fundraiser we coordinated last month.

    I invite you to take advantage of the many ways IES can enhance and transform your next special event into the unforgettable occasion of a lifetime.


    Dewey Beene, Owner
    Innovative Entertainment Solutions
    Oklahoma City, OK

  2. Where Mozart Meets Led Zepplin

    August 1, 2011 by Joe Guevara

    When people think of classical music they picture Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach but what happens when you have a stringed quartet who also appreciates music from the sixties and seventies? Take it from me, something amazing happens with the right arrangements and experimental instrumentation to bring out the best from both worlds!

    I’m Joe Guevara, owner of Oklahoma Strings, a company of professional symphony players serving the state of Oklahoma since 1974. As a young musician during my junior and senior years at Oklahoma University, I played for both the Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra (now the Oklahoma City Philharmonic) and for the Tulsa Philharmonic. Upon graduation, I started playing for a contractor who put together a quartet to play for wedding receptions. It was a lot of fun but I wanted to go into business for myself with a bigger vision of what a quartet could offer. The best job anyone can have is do what you like to do and find a way to make money at it.

    My musicians are professionals, not people who just play on the weekends. We rehearse and rehearse and rehearse the classics while also adopting new concepts like the way we can take the best songs from the Beatles, Santana, and Led Zepplin and really stay true to the melody. When people want to hear Purple Haze, The Walrus, or Evil Way we know they want to hear what they’ve heard. We adapt what looks like an ordinary cello or violin by using the body of our instruments to make percussion sounds and even the use of slides and harmonic methods to produce those songs true to form. It’s always a delight to see the look on people’s faces when they realize what they’re hearing from instruments they see as the tools of an orchestra symphony.

    Hiring a string quartet has a lot of advantages. A cd can’t start in one place, stop in another, slow down, or speed up. We can change and adapt to the needs of any event because we provide the human touch that technology cannot. There’s nothing quite like the elegance that live music adds to a special occasion. While a DJ can be a good choice for a reception where people want a list of music from multiple genres, there is a classic romance we bring to wedding ceremonies.

    In over thirty years since I started Oklahoma Strings Quartet, we have served over 1,500 weddings and receptions, not counting all the corporate events for big oil and airline companies. I’ve also had some fun moments in the spotlight, playing for the Moody Blues, Sandi Patty, Shannon Miller, Reba McEntire, and even former President, George W. Bush. I love what I do so much that it seems more like a fulfilling hobby than a day job!

    Contact us for your next event. Whether you want Beethoven or the Beatles, we can provide your guests with over five hours of the music they’ll love!

    Oklahoma Strings
    Joe Guevara
    5013 N Rockwell Ave
    Bethany, Ok. 73008

  3. DJ PRO Oklahoma Brings You the Party!

    April 4, 2011 by Craig Buffington

    No one plans a special event thinking, “oh it’s no big deal.” From social functions like weddings and birthday parties to corporate and sporting events, you know every detail for that event is critical to it’s success and that includes the entertainment.

    I’m Craig “Buff”ington, Afternoon DJ for 101.9 Twister. I partnered with DJ PRO Oklahoma (The Official Mobile Music Party For KJ-103 and 101.9 The Twister) to provide professional sound and entertainment services for events. I started my career as a DJ over twenty years ago and worked at stations in Tulsa, Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Cinncinati where I had the chance to work with Kevin Metheny (aka Pig Vomit – Howard Stern’s infamous Program Director). When I got married my wife and I decided we wanted to raise our children close to family so we moved back home to Oklahoma in 2004.

    Throughout my career I DJ’d events but it wasn’t until MP3 technology emerged that I wanted to start my own company. The ability to store thousands of songs on a computer was far more efficient than burning countless cd’s for a team of DJ’s. In 2006 I started running with it.

    As a professional DJ I knew that to get the highest quality sound meant investing in top of the line equipment. Our primary system is a computer based program you’ll find in many of the hottest night clubs across America and we back that up with a Dual Deck CD that some DJ’s use as their Main System. This gives us the ability to mix the music and video, run Slideshows and place Text on our HUGE Music Video Screen as well! We carry High Dollar Equipment from top line companies like JBL Audio, QSC, Numark, Behringer, Chauvet and Martin Lighting as well. We even carry an EXTRA set of Powered Speakers, just in case. There’s no back up CD Walkman at my events or a home stereo system or an Ipod plugged into an amp.

    Nothing sets the tone of your event like the music, whether it’s high energy dance mixes, Top 40, Country, or laid back jazz and Big Band. You can easily make requests for your event online with more than 40,000 selections! We also meet with our brides in person or over the phone to make sure we give them exactly what they want and work with their event planners to pull off a seamless event.

    Our lighting systems mirror the mood of the music for something romantic or strobe lights and flashing colors that change to the beat of the music. Another upgrade: We use high end oil based Haze machines allow the colors to stream through the cloud rather than thick clouds of fog, your guests will breathe much easier. We’ve recently added professional Videography to completely meet your audio visual needs and our huge projection screen allows you to display music videos or slideshows. In fact, don’t bother paying someone $150 to produce a slideshow when all you have to do is show up with your jpeg files on a CD!

    In recognition of DJ PRO Oklahoma’s commitment to professional service, we received the Bride’s Choice Award from Wedding Wire, placing in the top five percent of wedding professionals in the Wedding Wire community. But, our highest honors come from clients who tell us that we meet their demands and exceed their expectations.

    Your event is worth a professional DJ who will provide affordable, top quality service. Let DJ PRO Oklahoma’s professionally trained DJ’s compliment your event with great entertainment and peace of mind. Visit our website for more information at www.djprooklahoma.com.

    DJ PRO Oklahoma
    Craig “Buff”ington of 101.9 Twister
    Phone: 405-749-2833

  4. A Florist with Deep Roots

    November 5, 2010 by Lester Howard



    For centuries, flowers have been conveying people’s deepest emotions and setting the mood of holidays and special events. In Oklahoma City, no one’s been doing that better or longer than Howard Brothers Florist. 

    Howard Brothers took root in 1908 when my grandfather, Tom Howard, started cutting flowers and creating arrangements.  In 1947, my father Roy and his brother Ray continued the family business in Capitol Hill before moving to our current location in 1987 on South Western just north of I-240 where the business truly bloomed.   

    I worked part-time for my family while I was in high school and later while attending business college.  You might say the business “grew” on me and am proud to be the current Howard to own this fine company. 

    Howard Brothers has a long reputation for delivering more than our customers expect.They know they can count on us for a large variety of the freshest traditional and unique flowers and plants – some from exotic areas such as Costa Rica. Australia, Europe, Africa and Hawaii.  We stay up-to-the-minute on latest flower, design and gift trendswhile our master designers incorporate their own uniquely creative touch of color, style and containers, including Mercury glass, LED lights, colored water pearls and acrylic ice. 

    Weddings and special events have always been an important part of our business. Few Oklahoma City florists have the resources that Howard Brothers has to accommodate larger weddings and events.  However, we go out of our way to deliver a magical touch for any size event on any budget – even if it’s the perfect single flower for a romantic moment. 

    At Howard Brothers Florist, we always look forward to our busy holiday season and the opportunity to explore the latest trends in festive and elegant containers, color, foliage and ornaments.  For those who prefer less trendy options, our award winner designers know how to transform traditional into spectacular. For that all-important Christmas tree, choose from 10 different species, including spruce pine and cedar from California. 

    If you prefer an organic, natural theme for your wreaths and other decorations, you’ll find a large selection of woody pine cones, vines, vine balls, berries, ornaments and herbs. 

    If you’ll be presenting or sending poinsettias and candled flower arrangements this year,Howard Brothers Florist always delivers fresh, on-time and with our own touch that lets your family, friends and business associates know just how special they are.    


    For your special event, large or small and on any budget, visit Howard Brothers Florist at 7101 South Western or visit us online at howardbrothersflorist.com. Howard Brothers… proud to be Oklahoma City’s first choice for more than a century.



    Lester Howard, Owner
    Howard Brothers Florist
    7101 South Western
    Oklahoma City, OK 73139


  5. An All Star Cast Event!

    October 4, 2010 by Lisa Zinnamon


    Shakespeare said, “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely actors.” I happen to take that quote seriously and for years have enjoyed seeing the delight that a live stage brings an audience. There’s something about the energy and personal dynamic of live performances that give your event a lasting impression.

    I’m Lisa Zinnamon, my husband and I are the directors and owners of Impression Productions, LLC. We are an event planning and entertainment company that started out as a ministry. Since 1987 I have been directing Creative Arts Departments at the local churches I attended. Over the years it expanded to include vocal performances with choreography and themed presentations for various church events. I tapped into both my creativity and organization skills and unknowingly laid the foundation for my planning and entertainment business.

    One year during the themed fashion show at large local church in Oklahoma City for which we provided production, an employee of Midwest Regional Hospital approached me and asked if we would consider doing a corporate event. I jumped at the chance and discovered the only thing better than doing what you love is getting paid for it. After all those years of lovingly investing my time in ministry, opportunities were now opening for us to also go into the business world.

    Today we perform musicals and interactive plays including themes like Broadway, Motown, Jazz, and period themes from the 20’s to the 80’s. We provide vocalists for wedding ceremonies and receptions and take care of videography, sound engineering, DJ, digital scrap-booking, announcements, and more. Themed parties are a favorite with my performing artists as we put on shows, concerts, and dinner theaters for everything from social gatherings to corporate events.

    It’s almost criminal to get paid for doing something that is so much fun! Like the Christmas party we did one year for a client who wanted a mystery dinner theater. The set was Santa’s House. We dressed up like Christmas characters, served Christmas cookies and introduced ourselves in hilarious wit as the Snowman, the Christmas Choir Director, the Rein Deer Trainers and more. By the end of the evening the guests are deliberating on who they think killed Santa. Since party guests aren’t actors, we bring professional drama that guests would never be comfortable doing. Of course, the brave are welcome to join us in our antics.

    Another favorite theme we do is the 70’s party. We break out the grooves and the moves in costumes of afros, go-go boots, wild colors and the lingo from way back when. Guests get to hear live performances of some of their favorite Motown or Disco Music!

    Whether you’re planning a private party, corporate event, fundraiser, or wedding we offer seamless planning services and first rate entertainment for your guests. For more information visit www.impressionproductionsllc.com or www.impressionlive.com to view packages and photos from some of our events.

    Impression Productions LLC
    Impression Live
    Lisa Zinnamon


  6. Sitting Pretty!

    June 7, 2010 by Dorinda Chapman

    What’s the one addition to your venue set-up that can magically set the mood and transform an entire room into the perfect setting for your special event? The answer is as simple (and affordable) as lovely; color-coordinated chair covers with sashes.

    Hello, my name is Dorinda Chapman, the owner of Pink Petal Linens. It was actually my brother and his wife who first introduced me to the fun of supplying chair covers for weddings and other special events. They were Louisiana wedding planners who moved their business to Tulsa after the disaster of Katrina. I started helping them with setting up chair covers with sashes for events in hotels and other venues. I just loved how they made the room look and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Later, when I was deciding on a way to supplement my income, I decided to make the commitment to start a chair cover rental business of my own. Today, I’m thrilled to say Pink Petal Linens is a thriving, full-time business.

    At Pink Petal Linens, we offer event planners and individuals the option of ballroom or folding chair covers in white, black and ivory with a choice of organza and satin sashes in a voice of 25 colors to complement your theme, florals or bridesmaid dresses. Although a favorite among wedding planners, these lovely chair covers and sashes are also very popular for birthday parties, showers, retirement and anniversary parties. Our red sash creates a festive holiday mood for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. There are pastels for Easter and autumn colors that add that fall feeling for Halloween and Thanksgiving events, as well.

    Pink Petal Linens’ chair covers and sashes are always spot treated, cleaned and pressed or steamed for a fresh look before they’re boxed for the next customer.

    There is no minimum order at Pink Petal Linens, although we can provide up to 1500 for larger events. Delivery is available on orders of over 50 chair covers but scheduling is limited so reserve early. You may also schedule a time for pick up and return that fits into your busy schedule. We offer installation at an additional fee. Installation includes delivery, set up and tear down leaving you with one less worry on your special day.

    When you begin considering decorating options for your special events, remember that quality, color-coordinated chair covers and sash from Pink Petal Linens provide that all-important “wow” effect the moment your guests enter the room. Give us a call or check out our website for more details.

    Dorinda Chapman, Owner

    Pink Petal Linens, LLC
    609 Norman, OK 73069


  7. Acres of Fun!

    May 10, 2010 by Kendra Hendren

     Someone once said, "If you have a really good idea, plant it, nourish it and watch it grow."  Well, that’s exactly how Bridle Creek Horse Ranch & Resort got started – a simple vision that grew into a 128-acre family business that might just be the perfect setting for your special event or family outing.

    It all began a few years ago when my father and uncle bought 400 acres just outside downtown Tulsa. Being real estate developers, they planned on building homes on this scenic ranch land overlooking the Osage Hills.  I had also been in the real estate business since college – that is, until I planned my own wedding and just loved it!  I also thoroughly enjoyed planning a number of events for my family and friends, so I sold my family on developing the land into an event venue.  Today, my mother and I plan the events, and the ranch and stables are managed by Mike Thoendel.
    The domino effect began when we first built a 54,000 square foot indoor arena.  Next came the 26-horse stable and 84-horse event stall.  Then, we built 12 log cabins and finally, the 7,500 square foot rustic lodge with a gorgeous view of the Osage Hills as a back drop for a western theme party or the most elegant wedding.  We’re also very excited about breaking ground on our new steakhouse which will soon be open to the public.  
    Our guests often tell us, "This is what Oklahoma is all about!"  And, Bridle Creek really does have it all…the ranch, scenic view, horses, oil wells, cabins – even a horse-drawn stagecoach that my grandfather built.  Most of all, you and your guests will enjoy Oklahoma hospitality at its very best from a family that lives right here at the ranch.   
    For your next wedding, party, family reunion or just a weekend in the country, consider the scenic elegance and country charm of Bridle Creek Horse Ranch.  We’re just 15 minutes from Tulsa and looking forward to meeting you, soon!

    Kendra Hendren
    Bridle Creek Horse Ranch & Resort


  8. Renting the Mood

    April 6, 2010 by Tiffany Stephens

    Hello, my name is Tiffany Stephens, owner of Mood Party Rentals. My husband Lee and I started thinking about renting unique event items when we were planning our wedding. There were plenty of the usual tables, chairs and standard accessories for rent, but the fun and unique items simply weren’t available. We had to beg, borrow and buy what we needed – it took a great deal of time and money.

    A couple of years ago, we decided it was the right time to fill the rental niche of unique, yet affordable items We began with renting a rustic line that’s very popular in Oklahoma – big wooden pieces like harvest farm tables. Then we added lounge areas, mostly modern in many different styles and colors, which quickly were in great demand.

    At Mood Party Rentals, we also have a large collection of accessory pieces. Our statement pieces include 8’ mirrored chandeliers, spiral topiaries, candle holders, as well as lighted acrylic pieces for bars and bistros and some seasonal items. Every thing we rent is specially selected to give your event that distinctive mood that adds so much to its success.

    Lee and I are always adding to our cutting-edge collection, so we always have the latest trends, including some exciting new arrivals hugely popular in Europe. Our goal is to rent only items which are truly unique and that make an event a standout, but at prices the general public can afford.

    Please visit our showroom and warehouse all under one roof at 1012 N. W. 69th or visit us on the web at moodpartyrentals.com. After you select your items, we will deliver and pick up anywhere in the state.

    Get the basics for your event from any ordinary rental company. For the unique items
    that set your event apart from the crowd, choose Mood Party Rentals.



    Tiffany Stephens, Owner

    Mood Party Rentals
    1012 N. W. 69th
    Oklahoma City, OK 73116



  9. Catch a Glimpse Retreat

    February 5, 2010 by Johnny Williams

      Hello, my name is Johnny Williams, owner of Catch-A-Glimpse Retreat Center. The inspiration for our venue’s unique name came to me while at a church service back in 1995 when the minister urged us to take a minute to “catch a glimpse” of God’s goodness and mercy.  

    I was working in radio advertising sales at that time. My wife and I were also camp directors at a church camp in Colorado for about six years which served as the catalyst to look for property to host events. 
    We found the perfect place near Cashion, Oklahoma – 160 acres with a 4,000 square foot Colorado style log home which we converted to a daytime meeting and retreat center. The central point is the 900 square recreation area which we call Antlers Room. There are also several break-out rooms and a game room. Our lovely outdoor areas are available for fishing, archery, BB gun fun, canoeing, hay rides, treasure hunts, water balloon launching or just enjoying a bonfire cookout with smores and hot dogs.   Our 2,400 square foot barn serves as a multi-purpose building which you are welcome to decorate to suit your event. Catch-A-Glimpse Retreat Center is within minutes of Edmond, Deer Creek, Piedmont, and Northwest Oklahoma City.

    If Catch-A-Glimpse Retreat Center sounds like the perfect place for church and school events, you’d be right. But, we also host all types of events here, including weddings, family reunions, graduations, fall festivals and corporate meetings with team building exercises.

    At Catch-A-Glimpse Retreat Center, you may bring your own food for your event and are welcome to use the community gas grill.   If you prefer, you can choose a caterer of your choice. Feel free to provide your own event curriculum or we’ll be happy to help you develop one. We can easily accommodate up to 100 guests indoors and more than 175 outdoors. The center can be rented for a full or half-day with a two-hour minimum.
    If you’re seeking a place for your event that’s a wonderful retreat from the ordinary, please consider Catch-A-Glimpse Retreat Center in Cashion Oklahoma where our goal is always to provide a quality, enjoyable and safe event experience for you, your family and guests. 




         Johnny Williams
    Catch-A-Glimpse Retreat Center
    11400 South County Line Road
    Cashion, Oklahoma 73016


  10. Dinsmore Studio

    December 4, 2009 by Mandy Davis


    Picture Perfect for 60 years! 
    Today’s technology has lead some to believe that taking great photos is just a matter of point, click and the camera will do the rest.   The truth is that exceptional photos, especially for those that capture moments of a lifetime, still depend on who’s behind the camera. Creativity, experience and the eye of an artist simply can’t be duplicated by high-tech. 
    Hello, my name is Mandy Davis, Manager and Photographer for Dinsmore Studio.  Before becoming a photographer in 1997, I had plans for a career in graphic design and advertising.  However, there simply wasn’t a design school in Enid where I lived.  With a new baby, I decided to stay close to home and not go away to school.  A local photography company sent me to school and my career blossomed from there, especially after I moved to Oklahoma City to become a photographer at Dinsmore Studio. 
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