1. The Gift Garden

    March 1, 2012 by Brigette Caldwell

    The Gift GardenA Gift with Class

    Choosing the perfect gift can be quite a responsibility – almost as challenging as choosing a unique venue for that special occasion.  Fortunately, there’s a place where events and gifts are customized and personalized for that one-of-a-kind advantage. (Read More…)

  2. Stepping Out

    September 3, 2010 by Janie Dowling

    Working moms know what it’s like. Whether you work an office job, a retail store or you work all the hours in between, it’s tough to squeeze in quality family time. Rushing here and rushing there you strive to give your kids every opportunity you can but at the end of the day you wish you could be there more and do more.

    I know what you mean. My name is Janie Dowling, owner of Anabelle’s Galleria, and I loved working retail until my children came along. My husband and I realized something needed to change for me and for my family. I took a deep breath, quit working in corporate retail and starting dabbling in trade shows and craft festivals, with family and mentors cheering me on. I knew how to merchandise, how to help customers, and I hoped I had an eye for the kind of gifts that people would want to give each other and enjoy for themselves.

    The excitement of doing shows and seeing people love what I enjoyed led me to start my own business, Anabelle’s Galleria in Edmond Oklahoma. Now I can work my career around my kids instead of the other way around.

    In fact, my kids are some of my best helpers. In addition to a great staff, my daughter Anabelle loves to pick out jewelry and even though she’s only six, she’s got style! My son Caleb is 13 and is a huge help when I do shows and keeps 7 year old Parker busy unpacking boxes and merchandising. I get to see my kids and teach them life lessons as we work together. Its the best of both worlds!

    At Anabelle’s Galleria we wanted our customers to experience meaningful exchanges with their family and friends. That’s why we carry inspirational artwork like Glory House and gifts that let you give something from your heart. We carry items for personalization like stationary, personalized wooden signs for a new couple’s home or a heartwarming message for a friend, and hand stamped necklaces so you can create something unique. We love the popular jewelry line “Waxing Poetic” which offers a wide selection of handcrafted bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces and charms encompassing antique to trés chic. Handbags, hats, and delicious Patty Wax soy candles are a few must haves that also make great gifts as well.

    We have something for everyone with adult, youth, and children’s clothing. We make sure merchandise is fun and unique and because we have a passion for the truly creative, we also showcase local artwork to give our customers one-of-a-kind selections.

    Come see us at 2000 W. Danforth in Edmond, Oklahoma and be sure to catch us at our new location in October at 2nd and Western where you’ll see our new lines.

    Anabelle’s Galleria
    2000 W. Danforth
    Edmond, OK
    Ph: 405.359.1189


    New Address in October:
    1201 NW 178th Ste. 112
    Edmond, OK


  3. A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur’s Spirit!

    August 3, 2010 by Lynne Hardin

    Get inspired and be refreshed with local contributing author, Lynne Hardin in A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur’s Spirit!™ Women Entrepreneurs’ Edition I. Kick off your heels and sit down to a book that will break your ambitions out of the fearful “what if” box and into the open range of “why not!” Real women with real life situations open up in this book about the obstacles they overcame to experience the realization of their dreams. Lynne Hardin, founder and CEO of Integrated Solutions, Inc., is a Certified Professional Facilitator and famous for her “Magic of Why®” book and sessions. She is the creator of a process that provokes organizations, businesses and individuals to find out their ‘why’ and take them from the governing dynamic of fear and selfish ambition to uninhibited collaboration and personal growth.

    Lynne exposes the way so many people on the planet have learned to be competitive and motivated by fear and greed rather than embracing the possibilities of moving in love, abundance and meaningful cooperation. In her process, people learn to break out of the beliefs that keep them in the pattern of crippling familiarity. She teaches her audience to learn from the laws of physics and governing dynamic of the universe which clearly shows the power of working together rather than apart.

    The “Magic of Why®” emerges in this book to encourage readers to rediscover the forgotten innocence of their own childlike “why,” to become more self aware and to identify their own strengths while embracing the value of others. August 21st, a Magic of Why® process session will be conducted by Lynne Hardin. You can email Lynne for more information or visit www.magicofwhy.com. Purchase a copy of A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur’s Spirit™ at Barnes & Nobles or amazon.com




    Lynn Hardin


  4. Amini’s Galleria

    June 2, 2009 by RosinnaGies

    A Gallery of Gifts!

    What wedding or anniversary gift could be more perfect than one which enhances the lucky couple’s home life!   A unique item they truly treasure will remind them always of you and a very special day in their lives. (Read More…)

  5. Ad-Specialties & More

    October 28, 2008 by Barb Burcham

    The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

    Everyone loves something free.  It’s a simple fact of human nature.  That’s why advertising specialties are always such a big hit from a simple pen to an embroidered shirt.  And, long after your newspaper ad is lining a bird cage or a remote control switches off your TV ad, the right specialty item will be still be making impression after impression…at a fraction of the cost! (Read More…)

  6. Coco Flow Chocolate Shoppe

    October 27, 2008 by Gene Leiterman

    Love Chocolate? Go with the Flow!

    There’s simply no such thing as too much chocolate.  That’s the whole idea behind Coco Flow Chocolate Café, where you’ll find all things chocolate for a late night dessert or the sweetest spot on the buffet table.

    Hello, my name is Gene Leiterman, Coco Flow’s owner and chocolatier.   It may surprise you to know that my degree from the University of Oklahoma is in zoology.  However, if you knew how much I enjoy cooking and love sweets, it’s really not that far of a leap to living the sweet life while by making a business out of chocolate. (Read More…)

  7. Painted Door Gift and Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante & Bar

    October 24, 2008 by Avis Scaramucci

    Nonna'sThat Perfect Gift!

     I always give gifts that I would love to receive. They’re also the only gifts I sell! Hello, my name is Avis Scaramucci, owner of Painted Door Gift Store and Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar. Whether it’s a special event, dinner on the town or a gift that will always be remembered, we have it all…right here in Bricktown. (Read More…)

  8. Jon ‘Ric International Medical Spa and Salon

    by Kathleen Mason-Morton

    The Gift of Time...

    What gift could be more perfect that the gift of time, relaxation or even rejuvenation? That’s why a gift certificate to the Jon ‘Ric International Medical Spa and Salon is sure to be appreciated by any special woman or man on your list.
    (Read More…)

  9. 42nd Street Candy Company

    by Teresa Wall

    Chocolates by the Basket, Bowl or Buffet!

    What’s a special occasion without chocolate?   The truth is candy, especially chocolate, makes every event just a little bit sweeter and much more memorable.

    Hello, my name is Teresa Wall and I own 42nd Street Candy Company in Oklahoma City.  My road to owning a candy store took a few twists.  I was actually in banking for about seven years and then managed my husband’s medical practice for a couple more. (Read More…)