1. Sweet Dream Photos

    January 1, 2009 by Amanda Norman

    Sweet Dream PhotosThe All-Day, Your-Way Photographer!

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the perfect photo is worth a lifetime of joyful memories.

    Hello, my name is Amanda Norman, the owner of Sweet Dream Photos.  You might say that photography runs in my blood, since my father was a glamour and fashion photographer.  I always knew that being a photographer was my passion and even took some classes (where I was the student teacher).  But, sometimes life gets in the way of dreams. I earned my degree in broadcast journalism and then became a paralegal after I married.   (Read More…)

  2. TotallyTickets.com

    by Shawn Norman

    TotallyTickets.comThat’s the Ticket!

    If you’ve ever tried to get tickets for that all-important show, concert or game only to discover great seats are sold out, you know how frustrating the “race-for-tickets” can be – especially, if you’re an event planner and everyone’s counting on you.  Fortunately, there’s a better way to help ensure you don’t miss out on your favorite events. (Read More…)

  3. Oklahoma City Redhawks

    by Mary Ramsey

    Oklahoma RedHawksTake Them Out to the Ball Park!

    There’s nothing more American than baseball, no place more exciting than Oklahoma City’s Bricktown.  And now, there’s no better place to host your special event than the AT&T Bricktown Ball Park! (Read More…)

  4. Ingrid’s Kitchen

    by Lee Burrus

    Ingrid's KitchenWillcommen to Ingrid’s Kitchen!

    Whether you’re longing for the taste of an authentic German recipe or just an average American looking for an extraordinary meal, there’s one place where old world meets new world for a truly out-of-this world culinary experience!

    Hello, my name is Lee Burrus, the owner of Ingrid’s Kitchen, a unique European-American Bakery Delicatessen and Restaurant.  Beginning in South Dakota, I’ve worked in all areas of the restaurant business for 25 years.  Then, I moved to Oklahoma City in hopes of starting a business here.  Luckily, I spied an ad in the newspaper about an exceptional restaurant for sale called Ingrid’s Kitchen.

    (Read More…)

  5. Latest & Greatest: January 2009

    by andrea

    (Read More…)