1. What’s Cooking?

    July 31, 2009 by Sheli Adler

    Mom Food – Picked Up or Delivered

    Remember those wonderful meals Mom used to cook?  Her tender pot roast, casseroles, home made desserts – comfort food that nourished the body and warmed the heart.  There’s still a way to enjoy all that goodness (and share with family and guests) without bothering Mom. (Read More…)

  2. Tulsa Zoo Friends, Inc.

    by Jesalyn Pettigrew

    Just Zoo It!

    When planning a special event, the first step is to decide upon the right location.  Inside or outside?  Hotel or event center?  True…you could settle for the usual places; but, if you’re seeking some place that’s a “good site” better, the Tulsa Zoo has a way to uncage the possibilities and unleash your imagination! (Read More…)

  3. Hughes Meetings and Incentives

    by Wade Hughes

     Plan on the Turnkey Solution!


    Whether it’s a large, multi-function corporate meeting out-of-town or a deceptively simply local event, its overall success is the ultimate responsibility of one person who manages a myriad of details, suppliers and decisions.  Choosing the right person for the job is the most critical decision of all. (Read More…)

  4. Arcadian Inn

    by Martha Hall

     Bed, Breakfast and Romance!  


    In this hustle-bustle world, a couple often loses the romance and intimacy they once enjoyed as their days are consumed with the needs of family and work. Although many husbands and wives dream of quality, private time, they assume the romantic bed & breakfast atmosphere is just “too far away.”   Fortunately, that perfect place to rediscover romance is closer than you think. (Read More…)

  5. Heritage Lane Bowling Center

    July 1, 2009 by Michael Wildmar


    Events in a League of Their Own

    Remember when bowling centers were the original family fun center?  Before all the electronic games, go-karts and high-tech wizardry of today’s entertainment, bowling was the place to get together for a healthy family outing, spend quality time with friends or celebrate a special occasion.   Those good old days are alive and well at Heritage Lanes Bowling Center in Oklahoma City.  (Read More…)

  6. Papa Dio’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar

    by Bill Bonadio

     The Taste of Italy! 

    Who doesn’t like Italian food?  The fact is, Italian has become the fare of choice for Americans whether it’s dinner for two or a fabulous catered meal for 200.  Of course, there’s just Italian….and then there’s really great Italian! (Read More…)

  7. Impression Productions, LLC

    by Lisa Zinnamon

    Make a Production of It!


    Thinking about how to liven up your next event?  Tired of the same old speaker, meal, and lack-luster entertainment?  This time do something different!  It’s easier than you think to transform any special occasion into an exciting theatrical production. (Read More…)

  8. Kincaid Tours and Travel

    by David Bishop

    Worry-free Travel!



     Too often, arranging travel arrangements can take the fun right out of a trip.  There’s so much to consider…where-to-stay-and-eat? what-to-see-and do? how-much-will-it-all-cost?  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to just trust someone with all the worrisome details?

    (Read More…)