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    Tips & Ideas
    6270 Voyages to Success Tip From Jody Hamilton (Oklahoma River Cruises)
    Why not consider renting a party boat for your next corporate meeting?   The idea will get your employees and clients out of the “bored” room and onto a floating venue where they’ll be your captive, attentive and delighted audience.  Be sure to check to see if the vessel has all the comforts your guests require, is climate controlled and has the audio/visual equipment you’ll need.  Also be sure the vessel has an experienced crew and don’t forget to ask about catering options.
    u46u56 Oklahoma Proud Tip From Dan Parker (Ovations Foodservice)
    Looking for a location that shows off Oklahoma to out-of-town guests?  Think oil, horse, rodeo, or even an historical event in Oklahoma’s history.  Remember that an event can be just as impressive in an unconventional setting, especially when you coordinate the menu, decorations and entertainment to give guests a real Oklahoma experience.
    cafe7-6 Halloween Blues Tip From Floyd Hannah (Ehrle’s Party & Carnival Supply)
    Is planning a Halloween party sending cold chills up your spine?  Afraid your standard witch costume might be “old hat?”  Terrified that your decorations wouldn’t scare a human fly?  Shaking in your boots thinking of ways to make your school or church fundraiser hauntingly successful? The answer is frighteningly simple.  Just choose a party supply store that has the newest and most popular options…not just the traditional standards.  Expect personal attention and creativity from your sales consultant.  Share your ideas and let them draw from all their inventory and experience to turn spooky into spectacular.
    Clint & Dickson in Bricktown It’s Show Time! Tip From Larry Payton (Celebrity Attractions)
    Taking your group to enjoy a theatre production is a great choice that can be made even more fun with a little creativity.  To add to their anticipation, surprise your guests in advance with a DVD with highlights of the show, or a CD with some of the music.  Arrange for souvenirs for after the show and a “Meet and Greet” opportunity to have photos taken with a performer.  You might even consider arranging a reception before or after the show to enhance the entire experience. 

  3. Ovations Foodservice

    by Dan Parker

    Fabulous Fair Faire! 
    Everyone agrees that the Oklahoma State Fair Park is famous for its food, but if you’re only thinking corn dogs and funnel cakes, your are in for a welcome surprise- especially if you are planning a special event. 

    Dan Parker, the executive chef of Ovations Foodservice at Oklahoma’s State Fair Park is originally from Vancouver, Washington where he operated a home style deli restaurant for five years.  Then after, Chef Dan became executive chef at a country club, and for fifteen years he catered on site events of all types, parties, meetings, receptions, reunions, and golf tournaments.  In 2006, Ovations sent Chef Parker to supervise the catering for a quarter horse show at the State Fair Park, and was then offered a full- time position as the State Fair Park’s Executive Chef. 

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  4. Oklahoma River Cruises

    by Jody Hamilton

    River Parties! 

    The first item on a party planner’s agenda is usually choosing the perfect location.  You could choose a typical land-lover spot.  But, why not let the good times keep “rollin’ on the river” with your very own party ferry! 

    Hello, my name is Jody Hamilton, the event and group coordinator for Oklahoma River Cruises, a public ferry service on the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City.  I moved to Oklahoma City after having been an manager for a large company in Tulsa.  I was looking for something fun to do while meeting people. Being a ticket agent for the newly opened Oklahoma River Cruises seemed like…well, just the ticket.  Being such a new company, I had an opportunity to learn the business from the ground up and was quickly promoted to Event and Group Coordinator.  The job’s more fun than I could have hoped for and it’s great working for a company that’s growing and innovating all the time. 

    Oklahoma River Cruises run public ferry service along a seven mile stretch of the Oklahoma River between the Meridian and Regatta Landings.  The cruisers travel through two locks for the eighteen feet of elevation needed to make the trip.  It is just like the Panama Canal, only smaller and much faster.  This seven mile section of the river is part of the North Canadian River which was damned and controlled with a 2-lock system and is now called the Oklahoma River.  Our Regatta Park Landing is located about three blocks south of Bricktown near downtown Oklahoma City.  (Read More…)

  5. Celebrity Attractions

    by Larry Payton

    A Broadway Show.  That’s the Ticket!

    New York isn’t the only place you can impress you group with a sell-out performance of a top Broadway show.  We bring the very best of Broadway productions to Oklahoma for spectacular performances that have all types of groups crying, “Encore!  Encore!”
    Hello, my name is Larry Payton, the president of Celebrity Attractions. Before my wife and I started the business part-time in 1983, I was coordinating functions at the University of Tulsa.  Celebrity Attractions went full-time in 1989 presenting Broadway shows in Tulsa and then Oklahoma City.  Now, we present around seven or eight shows a year with about eight performances of each show.
    In addition to scheduling the performance, Celebrity Attractions also handles every aspect of the local presentation, including back-stage needs, ushers, box office, ticket sales and promotions.  We work two to three years in advance booking shows which we know will be the most popular in the Oklahoma markets.
    Disney’s THE LION KING, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, LES MISERABLES  and WICKED are just a few examples of the high caliber presentations we’ve brought to delighted Oklahoma audiences. The cast is either the Broadway original or a first-class cast that tours nationally.
    Group ticket sales is an integral part of Celebrity Attraction’s business.  We arrange tickets
    for singles groups, corporate clients, Red Hats, charter bus tours and seniors for afternoon or evening performances.   A Broadway performance is also a popular choice to entertain  guests for weddings, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries.  Corporations often purchase group tickets as client gifts or as part of the agenda for a convention or meeting, especially those with out-of-town guests to impress. 

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  6. Ehrle’s Party & Carnival Supply

    by Floyd Hannah

    So Good, We’re Scary!

    Halloween is almost here!  Time for goblins and goodies, pumpkins and parties for children of all ages.  Luckily, you don’t have to go door to door to find the best costumes, decorations and party supplies.   Just visit the one place that’s been Tulsa’s Halloween, wedding and party headquarters for more than 50 years!

    Boo!  My name is Floyd Hannah.  My wife Lynn and I are co-owners of Ehrles Party Supply in Tulsa.  Although we specialize in all types of seasonal, holiday and wedding  supplies, Halloween is without a doubt our busiest time of the year.

    Lynn and I had gone to high school together and were both attending the University of Tulsa in 1971 when her parents asked me to help out at their party supply business for New Years.  I really enjoyed it, so after Lynn and I got married and the Ehrles decided to retire, we decided to carry on the family tradition.  It’s a wonderful way to meet fun “party people” who are a looking forward to a good time.  It’s a happy business filled with excitement and the challenge of something new each day.

    At Ehrles, you’ll find the very latest, most popular and unique costumes for children and adults.  Whether you’re looking for creepy or cute, Ehrles also has all the decorations to make your Halloween Party the one that leaves them screaming for more.  Imagine surprising your guests with a giant spider that drops 3’ down at the slightest sound!  And, what would a party be without body parts hanging around? Invitations, streamers, coordinated napkins, favors, piñatas for Halloween or a seasonal fall celebration are all here at Ehrles.  More choices than you can chase a broomstick at!

    Ehlres isn’t just a Halloween store.  We also have one of the largest selections of wedding supplies and accessories in the state, including beverage fountains, candelabras, silverware, dish and glassware, tables, linens, invitations, garters, photo albums…even a wood or brass archway and gazebo. 

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