1. “Expensive Taste on an Affordable Budget!”

    September 3, 2010 by Maudie Simpson

    Fine dining, a gracious venue, spectacular décor, and superb entertainment are a few things that make an event special. Most people think giving their guests that kind of experience is well beyond their budget’s allowance but I know better.

    Hello, I’m Maudie Simpson, owner of A Special Occasion Event Planners, LLC. Creativity is my passion and helping my clients afford an event that looks more expensive than it is continues to be part of the fun!

    I started event planning on tight budgets from the first event I ever coordinated. I was helping my former church with their special occasions while working full time as a loan officer. As it turned out, I was not only resourceful on a tight budget but had a an eye for detail, artistic décor, and cohesive planning. Before I knew it, I was creating floral arrangements for weddings every weekend. As demand for my services grew, I left my high stress day job for the work I loved.

    Today we design events of up to 500 people for weddings, parties for retirement, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, reunions and more. As a lupus survivor, I have a special place in my heart for fundraisers and non-profit organizations that make the world a better, healthier place to live. We annualy coordinate “The Pretty Party!” lupus fundraiser, the “Gospel Fest” event and a fundraiser for “the Veteran Center.” We do it all, from selecting the caterer and venue to décor and music, so all you have to do is come and enjoy the moment.

    My clients receive a free consultation where I assure them that what they want doesn’t always have to exceed their financial allowance. We work together to find the best solutions that deliver maximum results with their bottom line in mind. At A Special Occasion Event Planners, LLC we have partnerships from A-Z that provide catering, entertainment, photography, and more so we can conveniently offer you a “one stop shop” experience. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the event!

    Stop by our website and see for yourself that expensive taste is about creativity and passion, not a larger than life budget!

    Maudie Simpson
    Special Occasion Event Planner, LLC
    Phone: 405-201-2692
    Address: 11421 Stansbury Place, OKC, OK 73162


  2. The New Bud Wilkinson Event Center!

    by Justin Lenhart

    Fewer things are more rewarding than being part of a team who are dedicated to a worthy cause. Preserving a past that will enrich the future is the goal of the Jim Thorpe Association (JTA) and Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. As part of an organization that invests in education, charities, and civic responsibility, I am proud to have a hand in it’s recent growth.

    I’m Justin Lenhart, Director and Curator of the Jim Thorpe Museum, home of the new Bud Wilkinson Event Center. I grew up in Stillwater and as someone who always enjoyed treasures of the past, I received my BA and MA in history from UCO. After college, I went to work for the Textile Museum in D.C. I enjoyed working in DC’s art community before moving back to Oklahoma. I’ve worked in large, upscale museums and operations like the Oklahoma Historical Society, and smaller high quality museums. With documents and artifacts dating as far back as 1907, the Jim Thorpe collections and Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame galleries are impressive and continue to grow.

    When I joined the museum in November 2008 I came on board at a time when the JTA wanted to expand and it’s been fulfilling to see those efforts come to pass. The new Bud Wilkinson Event Center reflects our vision for improvement and growth. The event center is ten thousand square feet on the second floor, seats up to 600 people, and is equipped with the latest technology for specific audio and visual needs. We can display your event and with several screens, you can broadcast a multimedia presentation. We’ve made it so easy, you can show up with nothing more than a CD, DVD, or portable computer drive. You can even program our lights and cue music or video without manning the equipment for a smooth event.

    We partnered exclusively with the Petroleum Club to offer patrons high quality catering services and make it convenient and less expensive. Better than that, there is no rental fee for our facility when you utilize the catering services of the Petroleum Club. In case you’re wondering, there is no hidden “rental” fee in the price of the menu. Because the food is stored and prepared here with a full kitchen, the Petroleum Club can offer patrons the same reasonable prices that apply to their other locations. Diverse options allow you to budget your menu without compromising quality. If your event is booked during museum hours, your guests can tour the galleries free of charge.

    Our close proximity to Brick Town and other attractions like Remington Park and Cowboy Western Heritage Museum make it even easier to take in the rich culture here in Oklahoma City. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, corporate luncheon, birthday or anniversary party, we invite you to see what we can offer you. Stop by the Jim Thorpe Museum for a tour of our collections and facility or to book your event, contact the Petroleum Club at 405-232-1184.

    Bud Wilkinson Event Center
    Justin Lenhart
    Jim Thorpe Museum Curator/Director
    Ph: 405.232.1184


  3. Of Planes, Prairies, and Bistros!

    by Tim Williams

    The Sky’s the Limit!

    Some caters will travel anywhere to provide their clients with the food and service they expect, even if it means boarding the next flight! TW’s-Anything for a Buck Catering happens to specialize in catering to clients who want something far better than airplane food. Tim Williams, Co-Owner and Executive Chef specializes in regional cuisine for his customer’s international clients. When he’s not catering 20,000 feet above ground he and his partner, former employee Terry McDaniel, cater virtually any event. From private jet to black tie weddings, TW’s Anything for a Buck Catering also offers event planning services such as floral arrangements, limo services, entertainment and even invitations. Serving the Tulsa and Oklahoma City area, these caterers aren’t grounded! Check out their new location in Oklahoma City!

    Left By Gypsies!

    These full service caterers are full of surprises! Catering delicious food started out as a take out restaurant for Co-Owner, Debbie Land and today the take out side is one of their most popular services in catering. This less expensive and convenient option is a great alternative that trims the budget without diminishing unique quality.

    Dishes and trays that are as tantalizing as they are lovely, their versatile take out catering menu includes more than hot and cold party platters. From casseroles, soups, and sandwiches to veggies, cheese, meat and fruit this is an easy option for any event. They also offer full service catering for anything from a private party at home to wedding receptions and corporate events. Home made jams, sauces, and more are also perfect gifts for your guests!

    High Tea!

    Nibbles by Grander Affaires knows how to cater to the ladies. Owner Emeline Bauder has a passion for those special selections that Mid-westerners are hard pressed to find. Nibbles Café in Tulsa is the culmination of her successful catering business where patrons can get a taste of the kind of experience she can give your guests.

    Nibbles Café brings delightful customs from the east coast and beyond, High Tea and Venetian Hour of Coffee are two favorites. High Tea originated as an old English custom of tea with scones, clotted cream, puff pastries, tea sandwiches and quiche. Venetian Hour of Coffee and pastries is all the rage in New York and along the east coast.

    Catering up to 500 people, Nibbles by Grandeur Affaires provides customized menus that can be modified for special requests. With versatile options like buffet or seated service meals, they will also design your event and offer 10% off when they provide you with floral arrangements, wedding or special occasion cake and catering services.

    TW’s-Anything for a Buck Catering
    Tim Williams
    Tulsa- 640 N. Denver Ave.
    OKC-1000 N. Virginia Ave.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73106
    Nibbles by Grandeur Affaires
    Emeline Bauder
    8313 S. Memorial Drive
    Tulsa, Ok.
    The Prairie Gypsies
    415 NW 30th
    Oklahoma City, OK 73118


  4. Stepping Out

    by Janie Dowling

    Working moms know what it’s like. Whether you work an office job, a retail store or you work all the hours in between, it’s tough to squeeze in quality family time. Rushing here and rushing there you strive to give your kids every opportunity you can but at the end of the day you wish you could be there more and do more.

    I know what you mean. My name is Janie Dowling, owner of Anabelle’s Galleria, and I loved working retail until my children came along. My husband and I realized something needed to change for me and for my family. I took a deep breath, quit working in corporate retail and starting dabbling in trade shows and craft festivals, with family and mentors cheering me on. I knew how to merchandise, how to help customers, and I hoped I had an eye for the kind of gifts that people would want to give each other and enjoy for themselves.

    The excitement of doing shows and seeing people love what I enjoyed led me to start my own business, Anabelle’s Galleria in Edmond Oklahoma. Now I can work my career around my kids instead of the other way around.

    In fact, my kids are some of my best helpers. In addition to a great staff, my daughter Anabelle loves to pick out jewelry and even though she’s only six, she’s got style! My son Caleb is 13 and is a huge help when I do shows and keeps 7 year old Parker busy unpacking boxes and merchandising. I get to see my kids and teach them life lessons as we work together. Its the best of both worlds!

    At Anabelle’s Galleria we wanted our customers to experience meaningful exchanges with their family and friends. That’s why we carry inspirational artwork like Glory House and gifts that let you give something from your heart. We carry items for personalization like stationary, personalized wooden signs for a new couple’s home or a heartwarming message for a friend, and hand stamped necklaces so you can create something unique. We love the popular jewelry line “Waxing Poetic” which offers a wide selection of handcrafted bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces and charms encompassing antique to trés chic. Handbags, hats, and delicious Patty Wax soy candles are a few must haves that also make great gifts as well.

    We have something for everyone with adult, youth, and children’s clothing. We make sure merchandise is fun and unique and because we have a passion for the truly creative, we also showcase local artwork to give our customers one-of-a-kind selections.

    Come see us at 2000 W. Danforth in Edmond, Oklahoma and be sure to catch us at our new location in October at 2nd and Western where you’ll see our new lines.

    Anabelle’s Galleria
    2000 W. Danforth
    Edmond, OK
    Ph: 405.359.1189


    New Address in October:
    1201 NW 178th Ste. 112
    Edmond, OK


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