1. Latest & Greatest October 2010

    October 4, 2010 by admin

  2. An All Star Cast Event!

    by Lisa Zinnamon


    Shakespeare said, “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely actors.” I happen to take that quote seriously and for years have enjoyed seeing the delight that a live stage brings an audience. There’s something about the energy and personal dynamic of live performances that give your event a lasting impression.

    I’m Lisa Zinnamon, my husband and I are the directors and owners of Impression Productions, LLC. We are an event planning and entertainment company that started out as a ministry. Since 1987 I have been directing Creative Arts Departments at the local churches I attended. Over the years it expanded to include vocal performances with choreography and themed presentations for various church events. I tapped into both my creativity and organization skills and unknowingly laid the foundation for my planning and entertainment business.

    One year during the themed fashion show at large local church in Oklahoma City for which we provided production, an employee of Midwest Regional Hospital approached me and asked if we would consider doing a corporate event. I jumped at the chance and discovered the only thing better than doing what you love is getting paid for it. After all those years of lovingly investing my time in ministry, opportunities were now opening for us to also go into the business world.

    Today we perform musicals and interactive plays including themes like Broadway, Motown, Jazz, and period themes from the 20’s to the 80’s. We provide vocalists for wedding ceremonies and receptions and take care of videography, sound engineering, DJ, digital scrap-booking, announcements, and more. Themed parties are a favorite with my performing artists as we put on shows, concerts, and dinner theaters for everything from social gatherings to corporate events.

    It’s almost criminal to get paid for doing something that is so much fun! Like the Christmas party we did one year for a client who wanted a mystery dinner theater. The set was Santa’s House. We dressed up like Christmas characters, served Christmas cookies and introduced ourselves in hilarious wit as the Snowman, the Christmas Choir Director, the Rein Deer Trainers and more. By the end of the evening the guests are deliberating on who they think killed Santa. Since party guests aren’t actors, we bring professional drama that guests would never be comfortable doing. Of course, the brave are welcome to join us in our antics.

    Another favorite theme we do is the 70’s party. We break out the grooves and the moves in costumes of afros, go-go boots, wild colors and the lingo from way back when. Guests get to hear live performances of some of their favorite Motown or Disco Music!

    Whether you’re planning a private party, corporate event, fundraiser, or wedding we offer seamless planning services and first rate entertainment for your guests. For more information visit www.impressionproductionsllc.com or www.impressionlive.com to view packages and photos from some of our events.

    Impression Productions LLC
    Impression Live
    Lisa Zinnamon


  3. Tuscany in Oklahoma!

    by Erin Goodrich

    Many brides dream of getting married in some faraway, ancient mansion that only Europe could offer but right here in Oklahoma, those dreams can come true. Dresser Mansion is Oklahoma’s historic wedding venue with all the romance and elegance that dreams are made of!

    I’m Erin Goodrich and I should know. My husband and I toured the mansion in July 2009 and decided to book our wedding there for the following March. I was working with an upcoming investor’s magazine, however by the time I found out the publication would never materialize I discovered the Dresser Mansion was hiring. I jumped at the opportunity and by February I was hired. A month later, I took my vows in the place where I would work everyday.

    I’ve never had a boss who worked just as hard I do but owner, Charles Sottong works tirelessly to make sure that every event goes precisely as planned. We are a team, dedicated to the dreams of our guests and to preserving this amazing venue for people to enjoy.

    The Dresser Mansion was built in 1919 when Carl and Pauline Dresser entrusted the design to Albert Joseph Bodker, the New York based architect who built the first Waldorf Astoria. This would be no New York design however, as Bodker was commissioned to create the mansion in the Italian Renaissance style. The Dressers chose the Charles of London design firm to decorate the house for the purpose of entertaining lavish parties for the Tulsa community.

    Recognized by the Oklahoma Historical Society, the mansion’s décor is virtually unchanged. The Dressers were granted special permission to use trees from the private forest of King George V which they used for much of the woodwork, including the beamed and coffered ceilings, and was finished by Italian artisans to resemble unfilled travertine marble. The floors are made from Tennessee oak, while the sun room, breakfast room and library are paved with colorful, handmade Italian tiles. Large, cast stone fireplace mantels, along with hand wrought iron railings, and leaded glass windows found in Austria contribute to an opulent, yet intimate interior.

    True to it’s original intent, the Dresser Mansion accommodates the most intimate affairs anywhere from five to two hundred guests. Large quarters for the bride and groom’s parties provide ample space to prepare for the wedding and include a private bathroom and televisions. Billiards are in the basement for further entertainment. All rooms are available to our clients including a full kitchen for catering.

    The Dresser Mansion breathes with inspiration and beckons guests into an almost forgotten world. We invite you to come tour the mansion and see for yourself what this “Tuscany in Oklahoma” holds for your next special event.

    Visit www.dressermansion.com or contact us at 918-585-5157.

    The Dresser Mansion
    Erin Goodrich


  4. Look Out!

    by Jill Krase

    Remember when you were a kid and it was time to play dodge ball for gym class? The excitement mounted as you stood against the wall and waited for the whistle so you could get out there and strike your opponent. When the last team mate stood their ground the suspense was awe inspiring and the final blow? Exhilarating!

    Hello, I’m Jill Krase owner of Dodgeball Party Zone and I say let the games begin whether you’re five or forty! I opened my business just over a year ago when I saw the need for recreational fitness that anyone could enjoy. With a degree in community health and as a single mother of two boys, I know how important it is to get a great workout and how much easier that is when it’s a blast!

    I was working for the FFA as in accounting when I found myself in the middle of a divorce. I needed to change things in my life for the better, including more time with my two sons who had recently been to a dodge ball party out of town. I thought it was a great idea and although it was scary to start a business by myself, I knew I had to do it or I would always regret it. I opened in May 2009 and just a couple of months later, the demand doubled and hasn’t slowed down since.

    Since most grown ups are kids at heart, we often book dodge ball parties for businesses looking for creative team building activities. Church group parties, sports teams, and even surprise “over the hill” birthday parties are a big hit.

    Busy parents who are sick of the stressful do-it-yourself parties love our affordable birthday party packages. Forget spending $400 on a party! We supply a ½ sheet birthday cake, 30 cupcakes, or our “double doozie cookie cake” for up to 30 guests, plus a server and game referee for only $175. You can bring in your own food and supplies or take advantage of our pizza and tee-shirt packages for a worry free party where you can sit back and relax. We also give you a chance to get in on the action when it’s time for the kids to play against the adults, the highlight of every birthday party!

    Our spacious 1,800 square foot court is also ideal for dance parties or special events where you need some room to groove. We have an open times for dodge ball games in addition to openings for leagues. No matter what party or special event you’re planning, you and your guests are guaranteed a good time. I’ve never had a customer leave who didn’t tell me how much fun they had!

    Visit Dodgeball Party Zone at 14713 Bristol Park Blvd in Edmond or stop by our website for packaging and booking information at www.dodgeballpartyzone.com

    Dodgeball Party Zone
    14713 Bristol Park Blvd.
    Edmond, OK

  5. The Party Girl!

    by Debbie Ritter

    No matter what type of event you have on the horizon, you want to make a statement and have fun with it. Somewhere in between the details and the dream, the fun can get lost if you don’t have someone there making sure your event is seamed together.

    I’m Debbie Ritter, owner of That’s a Wrap Event Planning, a multifaceted event planning company who brings creativity and logistics together for dramatically successful events! If the name rings a bell you might remember my years as owner of That’s a Wrap Bistro and Java Bar and subsequent catering business in Edmond. I eventually went on to cook with trained chefs from prestigious backgrounds and was flattered when I realized I could teach them as much I learned from them.

    The road to event planning started while I served as Governor Bellmon’s event planner for the capitol complex during his second term. Later I started working for the Oklahoma City Philharmonic and followed the path into non-profit planning doing fundraiser events, galas, and menu planning. I loved being the thread that pulled everything together and decided to pursue it as a career.

    Today That’s a Wrap Event Planning handles everything from small to large scale private parties, corporate conferences and corporate social events, weddings, teaching seminars, and even proms. We bring a creativity that is outside the box with skilled planning and organization. I tell my clients that we are their insurance policy because I make sure every detail is executed, every aspect delivered exactly they way they want. Themed parties are my passion and I’m always thrilled to hear people at parties reminisce about having the time of their lives at one of our events.

    I’ve also managed to find time for other passions like writing and offering cooking classes. Who doesn’t want to cook like a chef? I offer cooking classes separately to kids and adults and I love it! The kitchen is a magical place for kids and I also teach the finer points of etiquette by using fancy bar ware like I did with my girls when they were little. They loved drinking chocolate milk from a champagne flute at parties! For the adults I help them discover their imagination for flavor. Using fresh herbs, I teach them how to scratch the leaves, feel and visualize what foods would be paired with them. I include a copy of all recipes used in class, techniques that help create the perfect dining experience, artful presentation, and even tips for party planning.

    In November my new book Shoes: One family laughing, crying, loving and cooking our way through life. The book incorporates hilarious and tear jerking stories from our family during the years our daughters were little to the time they graduated from high school and college. I included original recipes as a bridge between chapters, just as cooking together was a part of our lives through the good times and the bad.

    Whether you’re looking for a good read, want to learn more about great cooking or if you need an event planner for your next gathering, I invite you to drop by my website www.thatsawrapokc.com for more information or give us a call at 405-201-2898.

    “That’s a Wrap Event Planning”
    Debbie Ritter