1. Latest & Greatest January 2011

    January 5, 2011 by admin

  2. Fancy That by Day, Bella Tuscany by Night!

    January 4, 2011 by Tom Slatt

    What if your favorite place to eat a light brunch and savory steak dinner were the same restaurant? Most people think that doesn’t exist but I’m pleased to announce the changes I’m making to Fancy That Cafe will bring you the best of both! I’m Tom Slatt, new owner of Norman’s favorite cafe and catering business.

    I’ve been in the business for 22 years, working in restaurants across Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Boulder, Denver, Fort Worth, and Dallas. I started cooking at age 15 when I realized I could take 20 ingredients, put them together, cook them and create something totally different. It was magical to me and at 19 I headed off to Le Chef Culinary School in Austin where I graduated in 1994. Since then I’ve won numerous national awards, including best meal of the year and top ten restaurants in Dallas, where I also worked for Two Sisters, the second largest catering operation. I also debuted as a celebrity chef, appearing on local TV for cooking demos.

    I decided to move closer to family in Norman where my father, Roger Slatt serves as Gungoll Chair in Petroleum Geology and Geophysics at OU. Fancy That has been a favorite for ten years and when I purchased the restaurant four months ago, I decided to keep the menu virtually unchanged. I’ve added five items to please a heartier appetite and kept the antique charm of it’s appearance.

    My experiences however will open the restaurant to something even more exciting at night with the addition of the upcoming Italian dinner, akin to a Tuscan steakhouse! By day the cafe will offer the antique feel and lunch cuisine but at night when the velvet drapes drop and ambiance is set, customers will enjoy an escape to romantic Tuscany!

    Customers of Fancy That Catering can expect us to create anything to their heart’s desire and we can accommodate up to 500 for buffet and plated dinners and up to 1000 for simple hors d’eurves. I love to do small parties as well, among my favorite are the parties at home where I cook exceptional and exotic foods in fabulous home kitchens!

    Stop by this month and have brunch with us and be sure to dine at night in February for a very Tuscan steakhouse experience!

    Fancy That Cafe and Catering
    215 East Main St.
    Norman, OK 73069

  3. Oklahoma Economy Moving Out of ICU!

    by Mindy Wood

    By all accounts it seems Oklahoma is rebounding from what has been termed the Great Recession. According to Russell Evans, director of the Center for Applied Economic Research with OSU’s Spears School of Business, about 35,000 out of 80,000 workers who lost their jobs at the onset of the recession have returned to the workforce. That’s almost half!

    As Oklahoma City and Tulsa begin to close in on the unemployment rate, businesses are not only more optimistic but have learned an important lesson: diversifying their products and services spells more markets or the ability to at least keep their heads above water.

    As challenging times bring change, many in the special events industry changed with it and started finding ways to stay competitive. In spite of many Oklahomans tightening their wallets, we saw the trend in hand crafted goods skyrocket. Artists created inexpensive, meaningful products that their customers couldn’t find anywhere else. Caterers, venue directors, entertainers and other industry providers added other services like event planning or goods like party favors and gifts. True creativity and excellent customer service shined even brighter in spite of stricter budgets. SEO vendors stayed at or under those budget without compromising quality for their clients.

    Although we’re not out of the woods yet, the last few years have made Oklahomans ever more resilient and creative. We at SEO are proud to represent the spirit of hard work and ingenuity that energizes hope for a brighter future. Keep up the good work and let the good times roll!

    Mindy Wood, SEO Feature Writer


  4. Party on Class!

    by Derick Brock

    The celebration of learning isn’t just that we walk away with more information but that we enjoy the journey to exploring new ideas and concepts! I’m a firm believer in having fun while learning and that’s exactly what I do year around. I’m Derick Brock of Mad Science in central Oklahoma. My wife, Tonette is the scientist and I’m the entertainer for kids who love to learn in a fun, dynamic way. She keeps it educational and I keep it fun!

    In the early years of our marriage Tonette and I were heavily involved in international relief work, in fact two of our three kids were born in Zimbabwe! Four years ago I worked as a disaster relief coordinator for Feed the Children but when our kids noticed my frequent absence, we decided to find work that balanced time at home and our work in international relief.

    The Mad Science franchise was the perfect opportunity. With my background in childhood recreation and Tonette, a scientist, in agricultural research, we make a great team. Three years ago we got started and today we’re mad busy serving parties, schools, daycare centers, libraries, home educators, churches, corporate events and more!

    Graduation and birthday parties from toddlers to middle schoolers are a favorite. Our “edu-entertainment” format is a huge hit among kids bored with traditional parties and it’s a crowd pleaser for parents who want to give their kids as much education as possible. Your child gets to be the “mad scientist” with a little help from us and involve their friends or classmates in the experiments. We take them through the world around them covering chemistry, weather, space science, forensics, health, agriculture, and more. In fact, our hands on approach to learning inspires children to keep learning after the party is over!

    We customize the party to your child’s interests and make it adaptive to classroom curriculum. Our packages start at $185 for up to 15 children but we also work with schools and civic groups who are on a tight budget like our Boys and Girls Scouts of America or our library and school programs.

    High energy excitement and laughs make the learning adventure a true party. Our mission is to spark their imagination so your kids don’t lose the love and wonder of learning. Check out the variety of ways we can bring the “edu-entertainment” experience to your next event at http://www.madscience.org/locations/okc/ourservices.aspx

    Mad Science
    344 South Santa Fe Ave
    Edmond, OK 73003


  5. Naturally Enchanting!

    by Tim Van Maren

    When people plan a large event, many look for a place to retreat from the pace of life. They want something warm, earthy, and peaceful. That’s one of several reasons Tulsa’s Silo Event Center is a favorite. I’m Tim Van Maren, operations manager of the Silo and Cedar Rock Inn, a historic bed and breakfast.

    Randy and Sandi Dittmann purchased and spent six years renovating what was then called Cedar Rock, built in 1890 and once home to Creek Nation allottee, Tecumseh Perryman. When the property holding the antique dairy barn came up for sale, they purchased it and immediately worked to create the Silo Event Center as a unique venue. They carefully expanded Cedar Rock to offer five suites and were able to save the first floor of the silo, using as much original and native materials as possible. The result of their work was an enchanting venue with carefully preserved history, picturesque landscape, and state of the art amenities to meet their customer’s every need.

    The earth friendly Silo Event Center reflects the “green philosophy” of it’s owners, recycling and reusing all possible materials including bottles and cans from events and office paper. They installed a grass parking lot and septic system and use low energy bulbs to reduce wasted energy. The natural atmosphere of the surrounding wooded hills and the warm interior made of reclaimed barn board and oak ceiling make this anything but a cold, empty ballroom at a crowded, busy location.

    We define customization as delivering exactly what our customers want. We offer as much or as little planning or design services as is requested from rehearsal dinner to reception. We’ll even manage rental orders for specific items so you can put out of your mind. Glasses, flatware, all indoor tables and audio visual amenities are conveniently included. To make sure your event runs smoothly, we provide an assigned event manager so there’s no need to worry about the endless details.

    We house an executive chef who creates the menu exactly to your tastes. With the finest in house kitchen our food never sees a hot box, serving everything from your choice of light or heavy hors’ de uerves to buffet, or plated dinners.

    Our prices are very competitive and range from $500 for a daytime event to $3500 for a Saturday evening and there are never any surprises on the final bill. Because we are outside city limits, customers save hundreds of dollars with a 3% lower tax rate.

    We handle anniversaries, reunions, weddings, memorial services, birthday parties, corporate events and much more for up to 200 people. Take a tour of our facility in person or online and see why the Silo Event Center is the perfect location for your next memorable event!

    Silo Event Center

    Tim Van Maren, Operations Manager