1. The Quest for Fun!

    March 4, 2011 by Kevin Ragan

    You’ve heard the saying, “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” In my career, it’s my job to make sure people of all ages have fun! I’m Kevin Ragan and as general manager of Laser Quest, I work hard and play hard.

    Thrill seekers from seven to seventy two storm the three towers of our 8,000 square foot laser tag facility. Birthday parties for young and old, team building programs for corporate groups, and even leagues who make this their sport keep coming back for more fun.

    p>The name of the game is a combination of hide and seek with tag. Gamers strap on an eight to ten pound brightly lit vest and use a laser that looks kind of like a hair dryer. Every time you tag your opponent’s vest, you score ten points. If you get tagged, your vest vibrates for five seconds and you lose up to five points. The player with the most points wins. Players wind their way through a multilevel maze with ramps simple enough for children but provides enough obstacles for a challenge. We also accommodate everyone, no matter what physical limitations they may have. We’ve had teams of people in wheelchairs and teams of people with special needs like down syndrome. We make sure everyone gets a shot at the game!


    Perfect for all types of parties or day camp outings, you can play with your group or arrive with a couple of friends anytime to play with complete strangers in a free for all. Each game can accommodate up to 38 players and lasts an exhilarating 20 minutes. As well as a favorite for kids’ birthday parties, we find it’s popular for adults too. The oldest birthday girl we’ve had was seventy-two and she did really well! You can bring in food or take advantage of a nearby Pizza Hut’s discounts for Laser Quest parties.

    We also offer a team building program designed by a professional consultant. This after hours session is for the office crowd who needs to lighten up and adopt skills they can take back to work. A dynamic four hour program called “Quest for Success”, they learn the four pillars of team work: communication, trust, fun, and cooperation.

    For the last twelve years I’ve seen what fun can do for people. Kids make lifetime memories, adults forget their stressful schedules and lighten up, corporate professionals discover qualities in each other hidden by paperwork and rigid staff meetings, and families bond. And me? I get out there with my staff and have a blast too.

    Come see what Laser Quest can do for your next party.

    Laser Quest
    Kevin Ragan
    10944 N. May Ave.
    OKC, OK 73120

  2. Catering More for Less!

    by Jermiah Duddmeston

    Most people think a caterer who offers endless possibilities and the highest quality foods means they’ll pay the highest prices. The bad news is many caterers have to charge higher prices but the good news is at Buy For Less’ Gourmet Grille, we don’t have to raise your bottom line!

    I’m Jermiah Duddmeston, Executive Chef at the Gourmet Grille. Imagine what it’s like for a caterer to have access to an entire grocery store chain with multiple locations! The freshest ingredients; in abundance at the lowest prices is every chef’s dream and it’s the success behind the Gourmet Grille’s thriving catering department. We offer the highest quality foods for the best value, the same principles that built Buy for Less Foods.

    Fine dining has always been a passion. I was executive chef at the Paseo Grille, the Lotus Steakhouse, and New World Cuisine. I wanted a change and Gourmet Grille was the perfect opportunity for multifaceted catering. I wasn’t disappointed! On a daily basis we’re feeding up to a hundred people in our dine-in cafe, catering on site for groups from ten to three hundred and moving dozens of party trays through our kitchen. We also have a fantastic team of florists who deliver gorgeous arrangements for weddings and we create cakes and pastries for any occasion. It’s a fast paced, fun environment and I love every minute of it!

    With an abundant supply of fresh ingredients, everything is from scratch. We prepare anything the customer wants from lobster or sushi to goulash or barbeque, full plated dinners to light or filling hors d’eurvres. My philosophy for presentation is simple: if it doesn’t enhance the flavor of the dish or if it’s inedible, it doesn’t belong on the plate! I prefer creative but unpretentious garnishments, adding to ingredients that speak for themselves.

    We have three locations for your convenience, whether you’re dining, picking up a meal on the go or creating the menu for your next event. We also offer FREE cooking classes every Saturday for up to fifteen people who want to learn to prepare easy and delicious meals. Stop by the Gourmet Grille and taste for yourself the versatility of great food at affordable prices!

    The Gourmet Grille at Buy For Less

    Executive Chef Jermiah Duddmeston
    3501 NW Expressway
    OKC, OK 73112

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    March 2, 2011 by admin

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  4. Planning Spring Fun!

    by Mindy Wood

    The snow has gone, the sun has dawned, and spring has finally sprung! It’s time to tour the loveliness of all things bright and green and bask all things warm and fun! It may be too soon to break out the bathing suits but it’s the perfect time of year to start enjoying great weather. At Special Events Oklahoma you’ll find great ways to spend your Spring Break with the family or just slide more fun into your schedule.

    If gambling and golf is your game, check our listings for great places like the Cherokee Casino Resort in Catoosa and their Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa. For a quieter location, try the Shawnee Country Club & Golf just outside Mid-West City. If you’re ready to organize a golf fundraiser for your favorite charity, Spring is definitely the time to do it before the summer heat sets in July. Look up Oklahoma City’s Passport Tournament Services under our golf listing.

    Unless you planned ahead, spending Spring Break with the kids in Colorado isn’t going to happen this late in the game so consider other local options for fun activities. If you’re taking off for a long family weekend pack in the fun then don’t plan it without checking the Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation. You’ll find a wealth of information on parks, scenic routes, hiking trails and fun educational experiences for the whole family. Keep it local and weather friendly when you visit our entertainment listing for information on indoor games like Dodgeball Party Zone and Laser Tag. You’ll find museums ready for eager minds and busy bodies too!

    Plan your spring night life around the events you’ll find on our calendar of events. You can even check the weather right here on specialeventsoklahoma.com Rick Springfield is coming to Firelake Casino, Lawton’s hosting their Home & Garden Show, and you art lovers won’t want to miss Garland’s Arts & Crafts Show this month either.

    Plan some fun this Spring season with Special Events Oklahoma!

    Mindy Wood, (SEO Feature Writer)


  5. We’ve Got Talent!

    by Kym Johnston

    The things that people always remember from an event are the food and entertainment. When you’re planning an event these are the two most critical aspects that help convey your theme and deliver the purpose of your event. At Box Talent Agency, we not only provide you with class acts and great music, we can take care of your event from start to finish!

    I’m Kym Johnston, Vice President of Operations at Box Talent. CEO, David Box started his business in 1987. He and some friends were planning a New Year’s Eve party when David decided to book a hotel room in Norman and stock it with a band and a few kegs. He charged a cover and at the end of the night realized he made some money. The band was so impressed by the evening’s turn out, they begged him to be their manager. He agreed, took on more bands and started promoting concerts and shows. Twenty-four years later Box Talent Agency is the most trusted source for everything from private parties to huge corporate events with offices in OKC, Tulsa, Norman, and Dallas.

    Our agency wows clients with professional, dependable service flexible enough for anyone’s budget! We can provide an acoustic duo or solo violinist for your rehearsal dinner to a full band in any genre for the reception. We regularly book famous acts like The Temptations, Jack Ingram, John Mayer, and Willie Nelson for huge crowd pleasing events. We also provide clients with “one stop shop” event planning services so we can handle every detail of your event.

    The idea that booking through an agency means paying higher prices is just a myth. Box Talent Agency works with you to meet your budget and make your event all it can be! Our performers are contracted with the agency, not with you, so you never get overcharged and you always get exactly what you want. The only thing you don’t get is the stress of managing the details! Anything that can go wrong has happened to us and we’ve learned how to avoid any possible glitches. We know how much time it takes for the band to set up, how much power the band requires to perform, what audio visual technology a motivational speaker requires, props and set up that a comedian or clown needs and a lot of other things that a client would never know to plan for.

    Peace of mind means you’ll enjoy your event so think twice before you decide to book entertainment directly. The most common issues we hear about are from those who book a band from Facebook or Myspace and then the band breaks up a week before the event. We come to the rescue of many frazzled brides!

    If you’re planning an event consider our reliable, professional, and affordable services. We’ve got DJ’s, and live bands performing everything from jazz and chamber music to rock and country. We have comedians, clowns, motivational speakers, magicians, star impersonators, and mimes! For a complete listing stop by www.boxtalent.com

    Boxed Talent Agency
    Kym Johnston
    6305 Waterford Blvd, Suite 480
    Oklahoma City, OK 73118