1. Summer Trends Coming Right Up!

    June 7, 2011 by Mindy Wood

    It’s summer! We at Special Events Oklahoma.com are here to tell you what’s hot for a cool summer. Whether you’re looking ahead for family fun, planning a wedding, or fall parties you’ll find the latest news and forecasted trends right here.

    For those of you planning a year out for your big day, brides will be happy to hear that color trends for the 2012 summer wedding are fun, bright, and and festive! Think bright pink with sunny yellow and fresh green accents. For the fall, textured neutral linens with bright colorful accents. Dress styles are retro and vintage and this year’s rage is expected to continue next year. Antique jewelry and dresses following the 1920’s and 30’s fashion are slightly more popular than the modern look of short hem lines and strapless dresses. Look for those fun ideas at the upcoming Oklahoma City and Tulsa bridal shows this summer.

    For brides whose wedding day is approaching soon, it’s not too late to make some changes that really pack the sentiment. More couples are going KISS “Keep it Sentimental Sweetheart” by copying their parents wedding cake top, writing their own vows, or substituting the usual limousine getaway for their father’s classic car. They’re also weaving into their themes causes that they’re passionate about. You’ll see brides opt for donations to favorite environmental efforts or social justice charities rather than gifts.

    Summer fun is here for the whole family. While the zoo is always a good idea, take it up a notch and check out Tiger Safari which allows you to closely observe and interact with exotic animals. Nature walks are great exercise and inexpensive and you can cool off at a spray park or water amusement park. Outdoor concerts and open air plays are also coming up. Don’t forget art shows, seasonal exhibits at museums, and every day fun places for kids like Gatti Town Pizza, Dodgeball Party Zone, Laser Tag, and Celebration Station. Summer is also a good time to take advantage of things like specialty cooking classes offered by catering companies or restaurants and things like pottery and art lessons that are too tough to squeeze in during the sports season that dominates the school year.

    Special Events Oklahoma.com is your planning resource guide. Start with our local resources section and be sure you stop by the calender for the latest upcoming events!

    Here’s wishing you a cool summer!

  2. Say Goodbye to Boring Cakes!

    by Stacey Robertson

    Americans are in love with themed cakes! With shows like Cake Boss, Cake Diva, and Ace of Cakes, it’s no wonder themed cakes are the rage in the hospitality industry. These pro’s have awakened us to the sweet possibilities when art meets dessert.

    I’m Stacey Robertson of Stac’d (stacked) Cakes. I grew up loving dessert and helping my mother decorate cakes when all DIY moms had was butter cream frosting. When her birthday approached last year, I decided she deserved something special. As a fabulous Mary Kay consultant, I knew exactly what to design: the signature Mary Kay pink Cadillac. Everyone loved it and after I began accepting requests from friends, I realized I had a talent for culinary design plus a fun business I could manage while finishing my elementary education degree at UCO.

    Everyone kept asking me “how did you do that?” so I started a blog for my “caking” where people who love my work can get a behind the scenes peak at the design process. They also love my prices! Because my overhead expenses are very low and my focus is solely on cakes, my clients can save up to 35% compared to bakery shops and caterers.

    I create all-out themed cakes to serve small crowds for a quiet party or for grand events like weddings, corporate events, and reunions. No longer just for kids and brides, I’ve crafted cakes of every shape and design imaginable. My client’s requests are varied. I’ve made a tall corset cake, a skull, a guitar stacked on top of a piano, ladybugs, flowers, billiards, a full campground scene, and even hello kitty to name a few. I work with my clients to deliver a reflection of their taste, ideas, even their heart felt emotion.

    Personalized cards and gifts tell those we celebrate how much they mean to us. Let a themed cake top off your next event with all the fun and style you want to invest in your next special occasion.

    Stacey Robertson
    “Stac’d Cakes”

  3. Delivered: Celebrity Style Spa Treatment!

    by Aneesah McCoy

    Who says you have to stay at a resort in California if you want to be treated like a star? If you want the best in celebrity style pampering look no further than central Oklahoma! I’m Aneesah McCoy, florist, wedding planner and owner at Garden of Eden Boutique & Spa.

    In 2003 I dipped into the hospitality industry with my floral shop and boutique. From there I started planning weddings. As my boutique grew I discovered I not only enjoyed pampering myself but also my clients. We served unique teas and specialty cookies but eventually more and more customers suggested I offer spa services. By 2005 we were offering massages, facials, detox treatments, body wraps and more with the best body care available.

    Soon we decided to offer inbound and outbound celebrity style spa services, called “On the Go Spa.” We bring the treatment to your location and pamper you with our luxurious services and posh body care products. Clients enjoy selections from our light menu which includes salads or even strawberries and champagne! For corporate, bridal and ladies parties we offer a unique spa package for up to 25 people. We come to you or pick you and your guests up in our limousine! Choose from a list of our themes like Bahama Momma or Midnight Summer and let us set the mood for your occasion.

    Our product lines are a treat! I designed my own called “Bathalicious Bath and Body” products, a certified MIO (made in Oklahoma) line, which caters to skin type. It includes sugar and salt scrubs, body lotions, bath salts and massage oil. Our sugar scrub is the top seller and a popular item in stores all over the state. Another big favorite this year is the “Butt Naked” line and Make-Up Designory (MUD). “Sweet Cheeks” is our teen line which encourages your girls to take proper care of their skin at an early age.

    More great merchandise available in our boutique are the Turkish towels and Turkish wraps, top quality and fun pajamas with matching bottoms and hooded tops, plus embroidery and floral services. Football fanatics come to us for their bathroom themes in OU, OSU, and sorority club designs. Themed candy packages, floral arrangements, and more options are available here. We can embroider almost anything you can imagine or design!

    Weddings are a passion of mine too. Currently I am the only wedding planner in the state offering a new trend for couples. Instead of trying to cram all of the nuptial events into one day, leaving everyone exhausted, we set up the two day wedding that is so popular on the West coast. I’m also passionate about the ways different cultures marry. In January I will debut my nationwide magazine, Mahogany Brides that will feature the rich diversity of traditions, styles, and customs of other minority cultures.

    Don’t miss my bridal shows coming up! July 17th you’ll find us at the Tulsa Mayo Hotel and in August we’re planning a second one in Oklahoma City. Be sure and check with us for the location and dates August through October.

    Everyone deserves a day of pampering, whether you want the celebrity spa treatment or just want to enjoy our fun, warm atmosphere, Garden of Eden Boutique & Spa is a welcome retreat any day of the week. Come see us in 50 Penn Place on NW Expressway.

    Aneesah McCoy
    Garden of Eden Boutique and Spa
    50 Penn Place Building
    1900 NW Expressway
    Oklahoma City, Ok. 73118
    Ph. 405-837-3817

  4. Latest & Greatest June 2011

    June 1, 2011 by admin

  5. Market Fresh Catering to the Rescue!

    by Cathy Betterton

    What are you really looking for when you scan dozens of catering options for your next event? There are so many to choose from but everyone is really looking for the freshest food delivered on time with great service at affordable prices. If that’s what you want, Arby’s Market Fresh Catering fits the bill. I’m Cathy Betterton and I came on board as Catering Sales Manager for U.S. Beef Corp./LLC Arby’s last fall when they launched their catering services.

    It didn’t take long for word to spread. Our clients were overwhelmed by the quality of our fresh market sandwiches, wraps, hearty hot beef platters, crisp salads and gourmet cookies. In addition to our in store favorites, we also offer additional selections on our catering menu! You can customize your sandwiches or wraps, mix up salad and sandwich options, or pair up different platters. Your order is prepared the day of your event so the food is fresh every time!

    We pride ourselves on service and affordability. That’s why we’ve made it so easy to place your order and our prices even easier on your budget. You can order online, by appointment, or over the phone and for orders over $50 you don’t pay a delivery fee or tip. We also don’t drop off your order and bid you goodbye. We deliver and set up your boxed lunches, platters, or wrapped meals with drinks and desserts the way you want. Your order will be dressed out for the presentation you expect and because we triple check your order, it’s accurate every time. Thrown in are the flatware, serving ware, and all the condiments you need. Have a last minute change? No problem.

    We serve up meals for as few as five or ten people to events for up to 1,000 or more. We have access to all of the Arby’s stores in five states, pulling locally from your area so no order is too big or too small. If you want fantastic food delivered with exceptional service at a value you can’t pass up, then let Arby’s Market Fresh Catering satisfy you and your guests.

    View our menu online at www.arbyscatering.com

    Cathy Betterton
    Arby’s Market Fresh Catering