1. OKC’s Most Unique Limousines!

    July 1, 2011 by Ron Rampersad

    Have you noticed the new limousines in town? You’ve probably seen the H2Hummer, the F-350 Dually, and sleek Lincoln sedan streaming down Oklahoma City’s hottest clubs, best restaurants, and movie and sporting events.

    I’m Ron Rampersad owner of OKC Luxury Limo. At a length span of 39 feet, we drive the longest limos in OKC and offer the metro’s only fully functioning truck limousines! As owner of multiple businesses serving real estate and home construction markets, I used limousine services as a customer appreciation gesture for my client’s office and end of the year parties. I’d always thought about owning a limousine company but when my family couldn’t find an available limo for my nephew’s prom I decided there was room for another limousine service in Oklahoma City.

    I wanted my line to stand out and generate a buzz. I secured truck limousines in addition to other luxury cars and made sure they featured the latest audio visual entertainment systems, LED lighting, and the best drivers in the metro area. I believe in offering the best service in anything I do, so our drivers are always prompt, courteous, and professional. They’ll treat you like the metro’s most important guest anywhere you want to go. We’re also Remington Park’s exclusive limousine service!

    A night on the town is so much more fun when you’re driving in limousine style. We serve weddings, birthday parties, proms, quinceaneras, reunions, sporting events, business travel, wine tastings, a night out with friends, and more. All of our vehicles can carry eight or more passengers and we offer competitive packages if you’d like dinner reservations, movie, theater or sporting event tickets. Whether you want the classic appeal of our black Lincoln sedan limousine or you want to make a bold statement in one of our truck limousines, you’ll be escorted with class, elegance, and style.

    For your next big plans, let us provide you with the hottest limousines in town and the best service. See our vehicles for yourself on our website or call us to book your next ride in style!

    OKC Luxury Limo, Limousine Service

  2. Staging a Lasting Impression

    by Lisa Zinnamon

    Are you planning an event but can’t seem to break free from the “been there, done that” syndrome? Don’t settle for more of the same old thing when you can impress your guest with live entertainment!

    I’m Lisa Zinnamon and my husband Ed and I are the owners of Impressions Productions LLC. We have an entertainment vocal group, Impression Live, that delivers class acts through drama and music. Since 1990 we have been volunteering to produce and direct live performances such as musicals, concerts, and fashion shows for fundraisers. Our business was born six years ago when we were asked to serve a large corporate event.

    Nothing engages an audience like music. While backdrop music always adds to the theme of any event, live performances engage the audience in active participation by what they hear and what they see. Imagine your favorite songs bringing back memories with a cast of singers in period costumes, packing in high energy fun. Your guests can’t help but tap their feet and chime in!

    Live performance is also perfect for weddings. It’s so easy to cast a romantic spell at weddings with a soloist, duet or trio as they serenade the couple during the ceremony or bring those memories back for father and daughter during the reception. Corporate clients and private social event planners love how easy it is to choose from a wide selection of themes in our packages. We do everything from MoTown and Groovy Love to Broadway musicals, Christmas Cheer, and Jazzy Love! Transport your guests back in time anywhere from the Roaring 20’s to the pop and rock sounds of the 80’s. We can accommodate your existing theme but even better, we can customize any package to fit your crowd and your budget!

    Known for their ability to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience, our performers continue to receive praise for their multiple talents in singing, dancing, acting, and more. With an eclectic sound, they deliver expertise in all types of events from intimate affairs and heartfelt worship services, to rockin’ fan favorite melodies of various genres. Whether it’s a touch of background music or a full out private concert; this is more than entertainment, it’s Impression Live!

    Come see for yourself the difference that a live performance makes when you visit Oklahoma City’s Northpark Mall every Saturday in July at 2pm and 3pm! You can also stop by our website for clips as well.

    Impression Live
    12300 Maple Ridge Road
    Oklahoma City, OK 73120

  3. Build Your Planning “Dream Team” Here!

    by Mindy Wood

    At SpecialEventsOklahoma.com our goal is to give you the tools you need to make your next event a dream come true. Building a team that will increase your productivity, keep you on budget, and get the results you want starts here. Whether you own an event planning service or you’ve decided to plan your own event, we are the resource you need to make it a reality! So where do you begin?

    First, make some critical decisions that will save you time, energy, and money in the long run. It all begins with the budget, so determine the most important aspect or the central goal of the event. If that’s a business presentation, invest your dollars in a venue that will enhance your delivery with state-of-the-art media and effects like music and lighting. Be conservative with the food, not the venue. If you’re planning a wedding, it could be the moment you’re really looking forward to isn’t “I do.” If you can’t wait to take center stage during the reception, invest more heavily in your after-ceremony debut. Find out what is most important and trim your budget from there.

    Second, rule out what you don’t want. Even if you’re not sure what theme you have in mind, you’ll save time by at least eliminating what just isn’t an option. Listen to your vendors and value their expertise but don’t be afraid to have a list of “no’s” to go with your “maybe’s” and stick to it.

    Set realistic expectations. If you want to save some money by taking on a few things yourself, make sure you have the time and talent before you commit to more than you can or want to handle. Determine realistic objectives in view of how much time you have to plan for your event as well. If you can’t delay the date, there may be some changes you’ll need to make to ease the planning process for everyone on your team.

    We know time is the stuff that life is made of so we’ve made it easy to shop options for caterers, venues, rental companies, entertainment and much more at the click of a button. Don’t wade through the phone book or scan scads of websites when our resource directory guides you to the best local providers available. Visualize the possibilities in our photo gallery and keep yourself on track with our free budget planner. To save even more time, our event planner login will tell us what you need and let the vendors come to you. Everything you need is here. Just point, click, and plan!

    By Mindy Wood

  4. The Catering Connection

    by Dustin Dunaway

    Are you fed up with cookie cutter caterers who fail to give you the attention and quality food you deserve? If you’re looking for a catering company that delivers unconditional service, fabulous food, and “eye popping” presentation, then The Catering Connection OKC is the perfect solution!

    I’m Dustin Dunaway and in less than two years since I started we’ve gone from doing five or six events a week to five or six a day! I bring my clients fourteen years experience with the internationally acclaimed, award winning “Puff N Stuff” catering and event production company based in Orlando, Florida. They’ve won and been nominated for too many awards to count and have been featured numerous times in Special Events Magazine, Event Source, and Event Solutions to name a few. Two years ago I decided to move back to my home state and was pleasantly surprised to find a strong economy and a demand for exceptional catering services.

    The secret to my success? Our commitment to unconditional service means “yes” to your question before you even ask it. We do it all, from high end hors d’oeuvres, innovative and exotic cuisine to Oklahoma’s signature comfort foods. We offer the finest dishes in island food, Greek, Italian, Mexican, Cajun, or the best BBQ from great quality meat (and vegetables) we smoke ourselves. I recruited the best kitchen staff and chefs including the well known Kevin Schoenhoff and Tony Cancemi, formerly of Chesapeake Boathouse. These chef’s take any curve ball I throw at them and produce amazing results!

    No matter what fare your guests prefer, we offer a presentation that captures your envisioned theme. Even something as simple as “Oklahoma Meat and Taters” gets a Hollywood presentation. Using martini cosmo glasses we served this favorite classic parfait style: smoked briscuit atop a horseradish mashed potatoes with a Madeira wine reduction, the other a Jack Daniels sweet potato mash with bacon wrapped tenderloin and a Dijon apple cream sauce. Our presentations are unique with exactly the food you want to serve.

    We understand the value of great prices too. After I meet with my client and capture their vision, I suggest foods to compliment their event and their budget. Whether your event is from 10 people at $150 per person, to 1,000 people at $6 per guest we give you the highest possible service and food to make your event perfect!

    We also now manage the events and catering for the Central Oklahoma Home Builder Association’s new “Le Chateau Grande,” a state of the art event center located at Britton Road and Broadway Extension in Oklahoma City. We invite you to experience why we’re one of Oklahoma City’s fastest growing catering companies. We are your Catering Connection, delivering OKC excellence one event at a time.

    The Catering Connection
    Dustin Dunaway
    3801 S.E. 29th Street
    Oklahoma City, OK 73115
    (405) 619.0797