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  2. Game Show Mania!

    by Philip Morrison

    I’ll have the usual” isn’t something you’ll hear from someone planning an event. Whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate event, sweet sixteen or backyard bash everyone wants to have a party that’s the talk of the town.

    I’m Philip Morrison and as owner of Mixxit Productions, I specialize in the best service with the most innovative entertainment. I started DJ-ing parties when I was in college in the late 80’s and added karaoke. It was fun but I wanted to branch out my services for something really unique. So in 1995 I decided to take a gamble and purchased a game show system out of Florida. It was “the” state-of-the-art system at the time and the only one in the region from that vendor. Two years ago I purchased a new system and built some different pieces to add to the game show platform. What started as a gamble for niche markets like church and summer camps has become a unique choice for corporate events, family or social parties and school groups.

    And why not? The gaming craze has been the longest running trend in daytime TV history. It’s a great team building tool for any group and an amazing way to communicate information. The gaming system is programmable so you can customize the game’s questions to fit the agenda of the party or meeting. Even if you’re not on the platform playing the game, it’s very engaging and interactive. People easily forget the information from a monotone speaker spouting sales figures or a traditional teaching method, but throw in a game show presentation and everyone’s paying attention. We have a lot of annual clients and I’m always amazed to see that people remember who won last year and the crazy answers that people came up with. People will always remember the funny, strange, or wild moments of any event. We have several different games to choose from that mimic popular game shows like Family Feud, Jeopardy, or even Wheel of Fortune.

    Because customer service is a huge priority, I look for any way to anticipate every need. As a DJ with over 300,000 songs to choose from, we never come up short in delivering what the event demands. Brides and grooms love being able to log in and choose the songs that move the events forward while keeping the sentiment of the evening in tact. Far from the guy who just presses play, we bring out the emotion and energy of the crowd to transform an event into an unforgettable experience. Our music database is regularly updated so your teen party crowd can enjoy the latest hits. We arrive on time, professionally dressed, and ready to host a great time.

    Karoake is a classic choice but I’ve found in over 23 years experience that most people don’t like to do solo performances. Our system comes with four microphones so people are much more prone to take the stage with some co-workers and friends to liven up the party and create their own entertainment. We set up and operate the machine so you’re not wasting time trying to set it up yourself and learn the system.

    Don’t settle for boring entertainment at your next event or some guy behind a counter pushing the play button. Give yourself peace of mind by using a professional! Stop by our facebook page and click “like” to be entered to win a $500 party package.

    Mixxxit Productions
    PO Box 1781
    Edmond, OK 73083-1781

  3. Too Pretty to Eat!

    by Carrie Raines

    Fabulous desserts and cakes are often the centerpiece of any event and the hot item everyone is looking forward to long before the dinner plates are cleared. There’s a new, fun and fabulous trend that I am convinced is here to stay: gourmet cupcakes with in a variety of flavors, richly topped and garnished so beautifully they’re almost too pretty to eat!

    I’m Carrie Russell Raines, owner of Emma J’s Bakery and Cupcake in Norman, Oklahoma. I started baking when I was fifteen years old and continued to do it to put myself through college. I was a cake decorator and bakery manager until I got out of college. My husband got out of the Army and we moved here from Tennessee in April. In just a few months I’m running a bakery that daily sells out and booked for weddings, birthdays, corporate events and parties all over the metro.

    The cupcake trend is such an inviting, upscale item because it’s the individual dessert so appealing to the eye and palate. One bite and my customers are in love! These aren’t dry cupcakes with a dollup of icing and boring flavor. My customers rave about how moist our cupcakes are and the difference that careful ingredients can make. Our cakes are made from scratch, never over baked, and our cupcakes are always made with filling. Over 30 varieties are available in my bakery daily. There’s the pina colada with fresh coconut and pineapple, the margharita with cream cheese key lime icing, caramel delight, tripple chocolate fudge, chocolate covered strawberry and so many more!

    Wedding and party cakes are a lot of fun and the other side of my business that keeps us busy. I love to get creative with everything I do so I never turn anyone down who wants to customize their cake to their occasion. Six tier, two tier, topsy turvey, castles, teapots, purses or barns, state buildings and crosses…the themes emerge with pizzaz and fun. Because I never turn anyone down, I also find creative ways to meet my clients other needs. I once had a client with an event that was an hour away. Buttercream was an absolute must and because it wouldn’t transport, she’d had six people turn her down. I decided the only thing to do was to go on site and prepare the cake in the venue’s kitchen.

    Our cakes start at just $30 and we work with clients to give them the customization they want for their special event. Stop by our bakery and taste the difference!

    Emma J’s Bakery and Cupcake

    1334 N. Interstate Drive

    Norman, OK 73032




  4. What’s Hot for Your Sweet Sixteen!

    by Mindy Wood

    There’s nothing more exciting or quite as special like a girl’s sixteenth birthday. In days gone by, not that long ago, it would be her “coming out” ball. We’ve come a long way from white clad beauties who were shopping early for their southern gentleman. While these parties still echo the age old appreciation for a girl’s passage into womanhood, today’s parties offer some fun twists. But don’t forget about your guys either. Their rite of passage is just as sweet….er maybe cool is a better way of putting it.

    The hottest themes for the sweet sixteen mirror destination, favorite fashion or music era, and even their favorite TV show or movie. What girl doesn’t want to live it up like a Hollywood celebrity with her best friends? If your girl is all about drama or high fashion, the Broadway theme or Paris runway is a popular choice.

    Sometimes it’s the era of fashion that really gets your girl excited and since she can’t get away wearing a period look every day of the week, her big party is the best place to enjoy it. Musicals like Hair Spray and the staying power of Grease have resurrected and sustained interest in 50’s and 60’s fashion. To the delight of most parents, one of the biggest comebacks that’s so popular among teens now is the 80’s! We’re seeing the bangles, the baggie shirts, big belts and yes even big hair is slowly making it’s way to salons.

    The hottest shows for teens now are usually found on MTV. While you might not want Pretty Little Liars or Teen Mom to be the theme of choice, try to think more general like a reality show with games or having a DJ set up a green screen, karaoke and props for a music video experience with club lighting and their favorite music. According Teen Ink.com High School Musical 3, Dream Girls, and Twlight rank high for young movie buffs.

    Some faithful crowd pleasing themes remain: the tropical luau, winter wonderland, under the sea, and even the princess make the top favs. Ultimately the theme you choose depends on the birthday girl. Explore her favorite things and help her think about what she wants. At least you’ll have a few options before you start shopping.

    What to do for your guy? Since most guys want to keep the “sweet” part on the down low, these parties can just be named for the theme. Think about the James Bond and Mission Impossible themes “License to drive” or even a black tie affair, something growing in popularity. Sports and night club themes are a great choice for something more formal. Pack the house with great music, plenty of food and with girls around they probably won’t care what the theme is!

    Throwing a bash for your coming-of-age sixteen year old is a great way to show them how well you know them, how much you love them, and how proud you are to call them your own. Grab them up and browse the best venues, caterers, entertainment companies, and supply stores right here at SpecialEventsOklahoma.com!

    By Mindy Wood

  5. Not Your Traditional Photographer

    by Dejah Quinn

    It all goes by so fast. It might seem like only yesterday that our kids were just babies, that their little hands fit inside ours, when their arms couldn’t reach all the way around our necks. Suddenly they grow up, graduate college, get married and have their own precious gifts from heaven. When those days are gone by, we cherish the memories and the moments we captured with the lens.

    I’m Dejah Quinn, owner of Dejah Quinn Photography Studio. I began my career by capturing and documenting my own daughter’s life. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to do it for other people. Before she was born, I was pursuing a degree in education when I realized I didn’t want to be a teacher. My husband and I were newly wed and, of course, broke when I realized I wanted to take a major detour. Aaron brought home an old camera and promised me if I really wanted to pursue photography, he would be supportive every step of the way. I changed my classes to photography and after the birth of our daughter, I took it seriously. Today we are a team who love what we do!

    Five years ago we moved from Ft. Worth, Texas to central Oklahoma where we opened my full time studio. Being competitive would mean making the business, my art, truly my own. I decided I didn’t want to do the staged “here smile for the camera” routine. It seemed far better to capture the essence of every person’s heart and soul. Especially with family and children, my sessions are socially interactive so the connection between the camera lens and real life are beautifully evident. The unscripted, undone sessions truly captures who they are so I allow the child to lead, the couple to gaze or the family to play.

    While I’m not your traditional photographer, I love classic romance for weddings! Using a light hand in my wedding photography gives the bride a timeless work of art. Although I use Photoshop as a great tool to create a flawless finish, I’m a purist at heart. As a professional, I am one step ahead of the bride to capture all those moments that are flying by. So many times my brides will look at the album and smile, telling me that they’d forgotten about a moment I captured on film. They invest so much into a single perfect day that I make sure it’s not forgotten in spite of the unfolding events.

    I also make time for photojournalism. I’ve done editorials for baby’s magazines and a nursery magazine. More recently, I was just chosen by the national health and fitness magazine, Shape, to cover a feature in Tulsa. Doing editorial work is a lot of fun and it’s always an honor to be chosen among the state’s top photographers.

    Whether you’re planning a wedding or documenting your child’s first milestones to spreading their wings to fly, we hope you will invest our talent in their journey. Browse our portfolio to see how “art of the heart” can truly be captured with intuitive, personal and professional photography.

    4706 N. Harrison St.

    Shawnee, OK 74804