Fun Summer Parties!

May 4, 2011 by Mindy Wood

Summer is the time for cookouts, pool parties, and ice cream socials! For the hostess who loves to entertain, summer is just another great excuse to throw a fabulous party. This summer challenge your guests with some themes that maybe you’ve never considered before but touch a nerve on current trends.

Ever heard of the high tech scavenger hunt craze known as geocaching? Invite a few friends to try this fun and exciting adventure when you sign up at or design your own scavenger hunt complete with gag treasures and clues that lead to the booty. Celebrate your find over drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

The DYI trend could be your clue to something truly unique for a summer party and maybe even a good excuse to keep the party going all summer! Everything from cooking gourmet meals to crafting home spun art or jewelry, the minute you mix friends and food you have a party. While you’re at it, why not get together twice a month and keep the creative juices flowing? Either way, a one time get together or a regular affair, the do-it-yourself trend is loaded with ideas for fun.

Reality TV is definitely an American obsession. Why not pick and choose a few shows that have a fun flair and turn it into your own reality party? Isn’t the show “Fear Factor” really a ramped up game of truth or dare? Imagine the fun your guests might have drawing ‘fear factor’ cards from a hat! The show “Runway” sounds like a dress up party and “American Idol” is really just a karoake gig with a record deal at the end. Don’t forget “Survivor,” a game of extreme obstacle course management. Any of these shows could easily become a blast in your home or backyard, for kids or adults.

One trend that environmentally conscious Americans hope graduates to a way of life is the Eco Movement. Organic, natural, and authentic are the buzz words swirling over coffee tables these days so take advantage of that interest and throw a party! Consider a no-processed-foods recipe exchange party with a farmer’s market theme. Play a game of who can design the best artwork from reusable materials like buttons, water bottles, old greeting cards, or puzzle pieces.

Pattern your parties after trends this year and see where it might lead you and your friends. No matter what your theme, you’ll find all the resources you need here to pull it all together and have a blast this summer.

Happy planning!

– Mindy Wood

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