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July 1, 2011 by Mindy Wood

At our goal is to give you the tools you need to make your next event a dream come true. Building a team that will increase your productivity, keep you on budget, and get the results you want starts here. Whether you own an event planning service or you’ve decided to plan your own event, we are the resource you need to make it a reality! So where do you begin?

First, make some critical decisions that will save you time, energy, and money in the long run. It all begins with the budget, so determine the most important aspect or the central goal of the event. If that’s a business presentation, invest your dollars in a venue that will enhance your delivery with state-of-the-art media and effects like music and lighting. Be conservative with the food, not the venue. If you’re planning a wedding, it could be the moment you’re really looking forward to isn’t “I do.” If you can’t wait to take center stage during the reception, invest more heavily in your after-ceremony debut. Find out what is most important and trim your budget from there.

Second, rule out what you don’t want. Even if you’re not sure what theme you have in mind, you’ll save time by at least eliminating what just isn’t an option. Listen to your vendors and value their expertise but don’t be afraid to have a list of “no’s” to go with your “maybe’s” and stick to it.

Set realistic expectations. If you want to save some money by taking on a few things yourself, make sure you have the time and talent before you commit to more than you can or want to handle. Determine realistic objectives in view of how much time you have to plan for your event as well. If you can’t delay the date, there may be some changes you’ll need to make to ease the planning process for everyone on your team.

We know time is the stuff that life is made of so we’ve made it easy to shop options for caterers, venues, rental companies, entertainment and much more at the click of a button. Don’t wade through the phone book or scan scads of websites when our resource directory guides you to the best local providers available. Visualize the possibilities in our photo gallery and keep yourself on track with our free budget planner. To save even more time, our event planner login will tell us what you need and let the vendors come to you. Everything you need is here. Just point, click, and plan!

By Mindy Wood

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