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August 3, 2011 by admin

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August Experts Corner
Distinctly Deep Fork
Joshua Richardson

You hear stories about people pursuing their ambitions from the ground up. That’s something I can relate to because my own career path started when I was ten years old, washing dishes in my grandparent’s restaurant.
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Express Your Heart’s Design!
by Jo Ann Smith

Ever reached a point in your life where you found yourself wanting to do something totally different for a career? Sure, corporate America can be worth the long hours as you climb the ladder of success but it isn’t exactly fun is it? When I reached my crossroads, I decided I wanted my path to success to be a lot more fun!
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Where Mozart Meets Led Zepplin
By Joe Guevara

When people think of classical music they picture Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach but what happens when you have a stringed quartet who also appreciates music from the sixties and seventies? Take it from me, something amazing happens with the right arrangements and experimental instrumentation to bring out the best from both worlds!

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Marketing the Fundraiser Event!
by Mindy Wood

Oklahomans are known as some of the most generous people when it comes to raising money for their favorite charities. From the dust bowl of the Depression days came a heritage of compassionate Oklahomans who can’t bear to see people go without or the land they love put at risk. Whether you’re planning a fundraiser for the environment or for children and families near or far there are some specific ways to market your event.Read More…

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Tips & Ideas

-Tip by Joshua Richardson, (Deep Fork Catering)

I hate to hear stories from clients who’ve have had previous bad experiences when it comes to selecting a caterer. Three rules apply for seeing the end results you envision. First, trust your tastebuds. Unfortunately some do shoddy work. If you’re not in love with the food and their ideas, pass. Second, get to know your direct contact or planner. If you don’t see the “light bulb” come on, move on! Third, keep your audience in mind. Catering is not the place to try completely foreign tastes on your guests. Remember who you’re serving because ultimately, people want what they want and that’s usually sinfully delicious foods that hit home in their hearts.

-Tip by Joe Guevara, (Oklahoma Strings)

You’ve probably heard people say that it’s never too early to plan and it’s true but how do you get started and stay on track? Make yourself a twelve month calendar or however long you have to plan for your next event. Designate weekly or monthly goals and make sure you start with the budget since what you want and what you can afford might not always agree with each other! Stick to your timeline and your budget for a much more pleasant experience as you move toward the day of your event.


-Tip by Jo Ann Smith, (Your HeART’s Design)

Planning a party for kids can either be a nightmare or a fun treat, especially when you have a wide age range of kids to entertain. Bear in mind that a younger child’s attention span is going to be much shorter than their older peers, so divide the activities according to age group. You can even provide two activities for the younger ones and one more mature activity for the older kids so you keep those little guys busy and engaged. Older kids love having their own special activity that is age appropriate. If you want to plan only one central activity, consider things like art projects and games that transcend age. Prepare as many things like supplies and area set up as early as possible so everyone can get right down to business and have a blast!

-Tip by Mindy Wood, (SEO Feature Writer)

Budgets for non-profit organizations are always tight so finding free publicity is like panning for gold but it’s easier to find than you might imagine. Early in the planning process ask yourself what type of event would draw a TV news reporter. Celebrity concerts, kick off events like marathons or cycling races, a flash mob, or human sculpture could really grab the attention of the media if you play it back into your theme. Do something out of the ordinary and you’ll be more likely to attract their attention.


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