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September 1, 2011 by admin

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September Experts Corner
Too Pretty to Eat!
by Carrie Russell Raines

Fabulous desserts and cakes are often the centerpiece of any event and the hot item everyone is looking forward to long before the dinner plates are cleared. There’s a new, fun and fabulous trend that I am convinced is here to stay: gourmet cupcakes with in a variety of flavors, richly topped and garnished so beautifully they’re almost too pretty to eat!
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Not Your Traditional Photographer
by Dejah Quinn

It all goes by so fast. It might seem like only yesterday that our kids were just babies, that their little hands fit inside ours, when their arms couldn’t reach all the way around our necks. Suddenly they grow up, graduate college, get married and have their own precious gifts from heaven. When those days are gone by, we cherish the memories and the moments we captured with the lens.
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Game Show Mania!
By Philip Morrison

“I’ll have the usual” isn’t something you’ll hear from someone planning an event. Whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate event, sweet sixteen or backyard bash everyone wants to have a party that’s the talk of the town.

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Marketing the Fundraiser Event!
by Mindy Wood

Oklahomans are known as some of the most generous people when it comes to raising money for their favorite charities. From the dust bowl of the Depression days came a heritage of compassionate Oklahomans who can’t bear to see people go without or the land they love put at risk. Whether you’re planning a fundraiser for the environment or for children and families near or far there are some specific ways to market your event.Read More…

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Tips & Ideas

-Tip by Carrie Russell Raines, (Emma J’s Bakery and Cupcake)

When you think of the wedding cake, the centerpiece of the reception, you might immediately picture the traditional cake. White icing, white cake, white beads and all things pristine but more brides are going for a happy medium. More brides are choosing a different flavor for each tier but they’re also going for the bold looks that make them who they are. Hot pink, silver, and purple with flowers popping out of the top with pina colada, red velveet, lemon crème flavors! Wow. Others are blending the traditional and modern look for their cakes but the trick is to customize the cake to think outside the box and get what you want!

-Tip by Dejah Quinn, (Dejah Quinn Photography Studio)

When you see a picture from the 1970’s you know the decade it belies. Remember those orange tinted photos? That was a popular trend at the time in photography development. Especially for your wedding, you might want to reconsider those popular trends that will date your wedding pictures. Black and whites are timeless, but think twice about things like selective color and wonky Photoshop effects if you want to remember the moment rather than the passing fads of fashion and art!


-Tip by Philip Morrison, (Mixxit Productions)

Planning a party for kids can either be a nightmare or a fun treat, especially when you have a wide age range of kids to entertain. Bear in mind that a younger child’s attention span is going to be much shorter than their older peers, so divide the activities according to age group. You can even provide two activities for the younger ones and one more mature activity for the older kids so you keep those little guys busy and engaged. Older kids love having their own special activity that is age appropriate. If you want to plan only one central activity, consider things like art projects and games that transcend age. Prepare as many things like supplies and area set up as early as possible so everyone can get right down to business and have a blast!

-Tip by Mindy Wood, (SEO Feature Writer)

When your kids were little, you probably had to decide which kids invited to their party were going to be trouble and how to deal with it if they acted out. Unfortunately it’s not much better with teens! There are the “mean girls” the “gossip queens” and the “keepers of the cliques.” As they get older you have less control over the drama they can cause at school but at home, it’s your turf! Before you let her send out those invites, go through the list and ask her questions about why she wants to invite girls you don’t know or have caused problems before. No matter how great the entertainment and the food is, if there’s a scene that’s all she will remember. Avoid disaster and give her a great party by filtering out the trouble makers.


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