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October 1, 2011 by admin

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October Experts Corner
Superb Lighting, Magnificent Entertainment
by Dewey Beene

Photographers have coined the phrase “lighting is everything” and when it comes to your special event, it is just as vital. When the floral is set, the décor is in place, it’s the lighting and delivery of spectacular entertainment that makes the experience an unforgettable affair.
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Not Your Average Photographer
by Bill Bonadio

Who doesn’t like Italian food?  The fact is, Italian has become the fare of choice for Americans whether it’s dinner for two or a fabulous catered meal for 200. Read More

Having a “ball!”
by Mindy Wood

Halloween is the one time of year Americans have a great excuse for dressing up in their favorite costumes. Other countries have scads of parties where they get to dress up (reenactments and seasonal parties) but we’re pretty much restricted to Halloween. So why not have a “ball” this year and change things up! For this type of great party, there are two versions: the adults only and kid friendly. Read More

by Sacheen Platten

Let’s be honest, Halloween is the time of year we can all be kids. Who doesn’t like to dress up and pretend to be someone else for a few hours and rake in all the sugar we could possibly eat? Young and old, we love to slip into a costume and scare up some fun or make an entrance to a great party. Read More…

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Tips & Ideas

-Tip by Dewey Beene, (Inovative Entertainment Solutions)

First, determine your audience: if you’re playing to the family use the pumpkins, black cats and witches on brooms. If you’re appealing to thrill seekers cut the cheesy production and think surprise attack! Second, invest in your stage including quality costumes, make up and top notch acting. Third, build the lighting, sounds, aromas and even the temperature of the room to create suspense.

-Tip by Bill Bonadio, (Papa Dio’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar)

You may be tempted to have an exotic meal at your event, but simple recipes – ones that include three or four ingredients – hold up the best and can be counted on to be consistently good. Plus, if you are serving a large group, it’s best to stay with choices that most people like. Remember that simple recipes can be as flavorful and beautifully presented as the exotics – without the high risk of something going wrong. 

-Tip by Mindy Wood, (SEO Feature Writer)

Everyone likes to win, even those who say it’s just for fun, so try these three tips to boost your winning chances for this year’s best costume at your favorite fall festival or Halloween party. First, there’s a sure way to lose and that’s not knowing the contest rules! Second, don’t be a dime a dozen. Embellish a generic costume or add wild props. Often the most creative costume is the winner. Third, play to the audience and the judges! Be as dramatic as possible and if you can make ‘em laugh, you’re more likely to score higher. Good luck on the stage and be safe! 


If you’re going to be in your costume for more than a few minutes make sure it’s not only a good fit but comfortable as well. If you walk into a party and remove half of your costume, it may defeat the purpose. If you think someone else may wear the same costume, personalize it with accessories that make it yours.

Sacheen Platten, Owner
Spot Lite Magic & Costumes

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