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November 1, 2011 by admin

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November Experts Corner
The Voice of the City!
by Kay E. Holt

Oklahoma City’s holiday season and special event calendar simply wouldn’t be the same without the sounds of the Canterbury Choral Society – joyful presentations which have lifted the spirits of audiences and given voice to the arts for more than four decades. Read More…
WhodunitI’ts not a memorable until somone gets killed.
by Terri Myers

That’s the idea behind whodunit Dining Room, which performs orignal murder mystery plays that hinge on audiences performances. Groups can choose from two different shows, each of which run about two hours and can be performed onsite. Read More…
Norman’s Award Winning Caterer
by Kris Abbey

Some people get an adrenalin rush from skydiving out of plane or bungee jumping off a bridge but to me nothing is more thrilling than what I do. Catering labor intensive, high quality food takes creative instinct, seamless timing, and fantastic presentation. I’m Kris Abbey, owner of Abbey Road Catering in Norman and I can’t get enough of my work! Read More

T’was the Night Before Thanksgiving…
by Mindy Wood

I will never forget the first Thanksgiving dinner I hosted for my family. Newlywed in our new house, my husband and I were excited and nervous the night before. Then disaster struck. My charming “new” Edwardian home was built in 1903 and while I’m sure the refrigerator wasn’t nearly as old, the outdated appliance inexplicably quit working.Read More…

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Tips & Ideas
cafe7-6 Wow Your Guests
-Tip From Kay E. Holt (Canterbury Choral Society)

When deciding upon entertainment for your holiday event, why not look to the arts? A choral or dance group can give dignity to your event as well as “wow” your guests. An art exhibit might be a unique and impressive decorating idea. Think about the reason for your event and create a theme which can be expressed through the arts. Often, groups will help you with idea to customize and develop a theme. Since many perform on a donation basis, the idea to support the arts can also be a wise financial decision.

6270 A Murder Mystery!
-Tip From Terri Myers (Whodunit Dinner Theater)

Considering a murder mystery for entertaining your guests at your special event? Choose a theme that might be relevant…a time period for a birthday or that the group might relate to…a hobby or special interest. Be sure your script is professionally written (and a proven winner) and the actors are perfect for their parts. Then, make a real production of it with themed invitations, costumes, decorations music and food that all support the theme from beginning to end. Trust the professionals…a theatrical production could be a flop in the hands of amateurs.

-Tip From Kris Abbey, (Abbey Road Catering)

So you’ve planned a fantastic party and the guests have arrived, happy and excited as they carry on with laughter. There’s just one problem: you’re not having a good time. If you didn’t hire a waiter you’re the one rushing around making sure everyone has drinks, that the food is ready, that the plates are picked up. Off you go spinning in circles and exhausted when everyone leaves. Weigh the importance of spending time with your guests and saving your strength by budgeting for waitstaff. You’ll go to bed with a clean kitchen and a smile on your face!

Budget Proof Buffet!
-Tip From Mindy Wood, (SEO Feature Writer)

Since most people spend between $200 and $500 on a Thanksgiving dinner and with the price of food rising, it’s time to rein in the buffet budget! You don’t have to commit to being a coupon queen if you clip just this once. Check manufacturer websites, the newspaper, and don’t toss the grocery store ads when they come in the mail this week. Hit the double coupon days and price match grocers. Don’t be afraid to plan the menu around the coupons. Be sure to cook your pies at the same time and consider using an electric roaster for the turkey to save on the light bill. Be a conscientious planner and spender this year!

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