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January 1, 2012 by admin

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January Experts Corner
The Prairie Gypsies
by Debbie Leland

Most brides and other event planners assume they need a full-service caterer that delivers all the bells and whistles as well as the food. A traditionally catered event often takes the biggest bite out of your budget. That’s why today’s savvy planners are choosing a wonderful alternative…take-out catering. Read More…

Unique Weddings & Events by JanayYour Day, Your Way!
by Janay Bishop

Nearly every young girl has a fabulous vision of her wedding day – a someday dream that she always treasures. Unfortunately, as the big day approaches, many brides feel they have to settle for what well-meaning family, friends or even a wedding planner advises.Read More…

La Bella Event Center
by Teresa Holden

There’s something romantic about historic places. Maybe it’s because we feel we’ve escaped from the everyday life and all it’s demands into another world where charm and grace sweep us off our feet. La Bella Event Center’s “old world” elegance is the perfect setting for romance in historic downtown Shawnee, Oklahoma. Read More…

Wedding Trends Soft, Natural, Undone
by Mindy Wood

What’s hot for 2012 weddings might be easier to accomplish than ever before! As society’s values change, so goes the décor and wedding trends. That’s good news for brides who want the wow factor without the headache! Read More…

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Tips & Ideas

Gone in 60 Seconds Tip From Debbie Leland, (Prairie Gypsies)

You don’t have to wear yourself out when having a party or other get-together. Consider take-out and then instead of cooking, you can enjoy creating a simple, but pleasing presentation. Seek out unique snack mixes and unique jarred products, such as herbal jellies, as well as our-of-the-ordinary dips. At The Prairie Gypsies, we recommend our “Gone in 60-seconds” with Red Hot Lovers Pepper Jam served on top a cheese ball. Distinctive, delicious and uncomplicated!



Share Your Ideas Tip Janay Bishop, (Unique Weddings and Events)

If you have a concept or theme for your special events, be sure to share your ideas with your planner early on. Don’t prejudge your event planner’s ability to be creative or stretch a budget and definitely don’t let anyone talk you out of your event, your way. However, it’s not necessary to nail down your concept before your meeting with a planner. Be open to his or her suggestions and experience without getting talked into the safe-but-boring and overdone. Excitement and imagination are the main ingredients of a great event!

For Your Centerpiece…
-By Teresa Holden, (La Bella Event Center)

In an effort to create a work of art for your centerpiece, make sure you think functionality too. For example, we like to use tall, long stem vases with gorgeous flowers popping out from the top or much shorter centerpieces so that your guests aren’t always having to peek around it to see the person sitting across from them. Be as practical about every aspect of your event as you are inspirational and you’ll make it functional and elegant!

The Sentimental Ribbon…
-Tip From Mindy Wood, (SEO Feature Writer)

Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or birthday party you’re planning you want it to be memorable. Make a list of questions that unearth what makes someone so special to you or those around them. For the anniversary, think about what that marriage has meant and what it has weathered. For the birthday party, ask yourself what makes this person so special and uniquely them? And the wedding is all about why you fell in love. Take a few moments in the quiet or grab a friend over coffee to fill in the blanks to these questions and the sentimental ideas will emerge!

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