Creating Valentine’s Day Magic!

February 1, 2012 by Mindy Wood

 Yes it’s true that with rare exception it seems men are last minute shoppers…which also means that they’re also terrible planners. Every girl wants their guy to surprise them, so what better way to give them a fighting chance than to refer them to SEO? Read on ladies and pass this on to your date for Valentine’s Day for some great ways to plan a truly romantic evening!

Whoever is in charge of planning the date this year, this is the place to find creative ideas and the best food, entertainment, and expert tips to make it unforgettable. Yes we know the database is HUGE and it can seem overwhelming but if you’ll start with the basics and then get specific you’ll find what you’re looking for. Whatever you select, go for something new and creative to make it exciting!
Eating fabulous food is a must. If you’re down with the candlelit dinner for two, then try having it catered to your home with a waiter to make it more exciting or opt for a restaurant that provides the dark corner. Great option for catering for two include Prairie Gypsies in OKC or Anything For a Buck in Tulsa. If you’re budget is slim this year (oh those diamonds are expensive!) then consider customizing an hors ‘deuvre and dessert platter. Candy platters and cupcakes are the rage! Almost any of our catering vendors will accommodate the dinner for two. Start with his and her favorite foods and work from there!
If you need to get out of town to rekindle the romance, see the hotel, bed and breakfast inn, and venue listings on SEO for easy getaway. Hotels have become more competitive than ever which also means their prices will be too. V-day is one of the busiest days of the year so shop around. You can find great prices on even the higher end hotels like the Skirvin or the Renaissance in OKC or the Hilton and Hotel Ambassador in Tulsa. If you plan to spend more of your budget on a night out on the town, then don’t turn your nose up at Spring Hill Suites, Marriott, or Holiday Inn as these chains have been updating and expanding.
If you really want to shake things up with something completely different, consider sailing or a dinner theater. Don’t rule out karaoke or hiring a three string orchestra to serenade you! You’ll find everything you could imagine and more under the entertainment listing. If you’re up for events, check out the calendar of events here on SEO to find concerts, comedic acts, art showings, and theatre events.
You may not even know what you’re looking for until you’ve checked out the possibilities right here on SEO’s resource director. It’s easy to browse with websites and detailed contact information, including written bios on many of our listings.
Happy Planning!

Mindy Ragan Wood
SEO Feature Writer
PO Box 3693 Shawnee, OK 74801

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