An Even Better Idea for the Easter Hunt…

February 29, 2012 by Mindy Wood

Next month Easter will dawn upon us and if you want it to be different this year, who says you can’t mix up the Easter traditions a little? Whether you want to make it healthier or just less stressful, we’ll give you some ideas to make it the best ever!

With the emphasis on all things green and sustainable, opt out of the plastic egg shells. Try sticking with the pastel and bright colored hard boiled eggs that the world knew before plastic. What to do about the candy? For every five eggs your child discovers, tally it up for a small reward like two pieces of candy and for the most eggs found, reward them with a prize and a few candy pieces instead of that huge chocolate bunny! Another option, if you can’t let go of those hollowed plastic containers, fill the eggs with “permission slips” for fun activities. “Pick the movie/game for family night,” or “one free ticket for your favorite meal” or “bake cookies with Grandma” or “soccer/shopping with Dad.” Those things are positive and healthy!

If you can’t envision an Easter without the sugar, by all means fill them up but why not offer the rest of your guests a full on candy bar? They’re fun, different plus they add bright colors and excitement to any event.

To save time, decorate only the dinning room, living room, patio or wherever you will spend most of your family time for Easter this year. You really don’t have to decorate the whole house and yard every year with the bunnies, flowers, and Easter stickers. Commercialism will lead you to believe that you must decorate for this holiday as much as Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas but you really don’t have to unless you want to.

Unless the idea of catering for the Easter dinner is an obscene transgression against all things traditional, consider catering the meal. Caterers will even offer to prepare for pick up- just the leg of lamb or only sides to go along with the meal. Lamb can be challenging, so there’s no shame in leaving it to the expert!

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Mindy Ragan Wood
Seo’s Feature Writer

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