Secrets to Successful Social Media

April 1, 2012 by Mindy Wood

 The big payoff with social media is enough to bait even the most frustrated beginner into becoming a pro. Mastering social media is an important tool you don’t want to overlook, especially because it’s FREE MARKETING!

It’s important to realize what to do and what not to do and how to draw your audience to your profile. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and niche social media sites (like those for foster parents or teachers) can boost attendance at events, broadcast your services and products, and win customer loyalty.
There’s just one hitch. You have to talk about yourself in a way that benefits your viewer. Do you really care if a caterer hates cold weather, loves his cat, or finished the wax job on his car? Wouldn’t you rather see gorgeous pictures of fantastic dishes, get cooking tips, and easy recipes that tempt your own culinary instinct? You get the picture.
Make your viewer NEED your profile. Don’t give away all your secrets but show your work, your art, your ability to create amazing services that they need. Post your events, invitations, and discounts to keep followers…following. How to beef up traffic? Start sending friend requests and subscribe to pages from whom you want the same courtesy. The more you connect, the more attention you draw to your own page.
Regarding Facebook and Twitter: don’t make several posts a day. If you’re posting five and six times a day, you’re blowing up the news feed and people are thinking, ‘enough already!’ Do schedule your posts (no more than two or three) at peak usage times (when do you check your social media?). If giving them the personal touch is working for you, then by all means post something funny or noteworthy…but again make sure it has a point for your viewer, otherwise it’s just too self focused.
Regarding Pinterest: if you’re not on there GET ON IT! This is a dream come true for those in the hospitality industry. Use your company website (very important) from which to “pin” those beautiful pictures of your work on Pinterest. This site is picture driven (as opposed to text or post driven) so your photo can be “re-pinned” or copied to hundreds of other user’s profiles in a matter of days or weeks. When viewers click on the photo, it pops up on their screen and when they click it again it will lead them right to your company website. It’s so amazing it almost shouldn’t be legal…or free but it is!

We hope these secrets inspire you to harness the power of social media. Of course, we’ve been providing benefit driven content with stories, tips, and photos for years. It ain’t news to us….


Mindy Ragan Wood
SEO’s Feature Writer


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