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September 1, 2009 by Darian James

Punch It Up!

u46u56Serving a unique beverage at all types of special events has become quite popular in recent years.   And now you can truly impress and delight your guests with an exotic punch straight from the islands!

Hello, my name is Darian James, the owner of Hideout Tropical.  I’d like to take credit for this

delightful and refreshing punch, but it’s actually a family recipe from the Virgin Islands where I was raised.  My family owned several restaurants on the islands and Hideout Tropical Punch was the signature drink at all of them.   After I came to the United States, I began mixing and serving the punch at my friends’ special occasions.  In 2008, I decided to make Hideout Tropical a business.  Since I am the Director of Events at an Oklahoma City hotel, I know the role that the right beverage can play in the overall success of an event.

Hideout Tropical Punch truly tastes like nothing you’ve ever had before.  The secret to its unique flavor is a special blend of 99% fruit juices.   Although it stands alone perfectly as a non-alcoholic offering, it also blends well with alcohol, especially rum.   Distinctively different and amazingly refreshing, the punch is a big hit at all weddings, showers, parties of all kinds, Punch Displayincluding those held poolside or at the beach.  It makes a wonderful complement to an island theme party and luau as well.   In addition to working with individual planners, I also supply Hideout Tropical Punch to restaurants and event venues.

There are many options to purchase this amazing drink for your event.   You can buy the punch separately in eight-ounce or gallon containers.  However, many event planners prefer a custom package to include any combination of the punch, glassware, fountain, fruit display, linens, florals, decorations and more.  I will also supply the alcohol if you would prefer.  In fact, because of my 10-year experience managing events, I would be happy to plan your entire event and coordinate any number of trusted resources to meet all your needs professionally and within your particular budget.  Entertainment, audio/visual, décor suggestions….everything except, of course, my family’s secret recipe!

yktkIf you’re planning an event of any kind and looking for a way to make a real splash, please remember Hideout Tropical.   Everyone will surely want to know the secret to how you made that wonderful punch.  Just smile and tell them it’s an old family recipe.

Darian James, Owner
Hideout Tropical, LLC

5757 West Hefner Suite 833
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73162

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