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September 1, 2009 by Clint Parker

Horse Magic!

Limo Carriage in BricktownThere’s really nothing else that says “special occasion” like a horse-drawn carriage!  The majesty of the impressive equines and that almost hypnotic “clip clop” chant of their hooves inspires romance, awe, majesty or just plain fun for events of all kinds.

Hello, my name is Clint Parker, owner and operator of Oklahoma Premier Carriage Company.   Like many native Oklahomans and tourists to the Great State, I noticed those horse-drawn carriages in OKC’s Bricktown district escorting people from one attraction to another or simply providing a unique way to view the area.   I often thought to myself, “Now that’s something I would like to do,” so I finally bought the business.  I’m an accountant who lives in town, but I grew up on a cattle farm in Clint & Dickson in BricktownOklahoma’s Panhandle.  We had work horses there, so I guess running a carriage company is a way of connecting with my roots.  The carriage business doesn’t interfere with my career as an accountant and it’s a wonderful way of interacting with people from all over the world.

In addition to being at OKC’s Bricktown district on weekends, Oklahoma Premier Carriage Company operates horse-drawn carriages in other places (by reservation) for all types of events, including weddings, proms, proposals, anniversaries and quinceaneras, as well as Christmas and other holidays.  Licensed to be on the streets, we deliver our horse-drawn carriages to private residences, neighborhoods, schools, churches and businesses throughout Oklahoma.

We have seven carriages:
-     four vis-à-vis (two seats facing each other)
-    a limousine carriage for 10
-    Cinderella carriage
-    15-seat wagon
For those romantic occasions, we can also supply champagne, wine and flowers.   Since there are so many variables, we price our rides individually, primarily considering the location, how long the ride, how many people and what additional services are requested.

Many people wonder if the horses enjoy their job.   I am proud to say the horses are well-cared for and their health and well-being are major considerations at Oklahoma Premier Carriage Company.   We currently have four Clydesdales and two Percherons geldings (will have eight to twelve horses in the near future).  Our impressive horses are hand-picked for their exceptional training and gentle, willing dispositions.  They are fed twice daily with a special formula and are stalled in bad weather (we also don’t let them go out in extreme weather).  They only work five to six hours a day and enjoy the fringe benefits of a great deal of grooming and attention.

Each horse comes equipped with a “poop bag” which catches 99% of any waste the horse produces.
We bathe the horses before each job, so that they look…and smell…their best for you and your guests.
Our handlers are exceptionally skilled and experienced.  In addition to being great with the horses, they also are friendly and helpful without intruding on your special moment.

If you’re wondering how to spice up that marriage proposal, renew your vows, say “Happy Birthday” to someone special, create a magical memory for your wedding or prom or just entertain your employees or guests, please give Oklahoma Premier Carriage Company a call or visit our website listed above for more information.   The thrill and romance of a horse-drawn carriage can’t be beat….and that comes straight from the horse’s mouth!

Clint Parker, Owner/Operator
Oklahoma Premier Carriage Company

55 Cherokee
Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801

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