Mind Your Manners

May 1, 2012 by Carey Sue Vega

Have you ever found yourself at a formal social or business event and not really sure which fork is which, what was the right thing to wear, or even if it was okay to bring a guest with you? There’s no reason to feel uncomfortable. Proper etiquette is a tool anyone can and should learn….even young children.

Hello, my name is Carey Sue Vega, and I’m an Etiquette Expert. After receiving my degree in Recreation from OSU (yes, there really is such a degree), I worked for a major cruise line as Youth Coordinator and then Cruise Director. As the host for Captain’s parties and VIP events, I realized that many of the passengers were not familiar with proper etiquette in a formal social setting. After all, few people sit down to a formal dinner on a regular basis. I realized that I could help educate people on etiquette, so that they feel more comfortable in a formal setting.

As an Etiquette Expert, I offer a series of classes at various venues in Oklahoma City and Edmond for children (fifth grade through high school), college students and adults.

Students learn proper posture, eye contact, how to shake hands and make proper introductions, among other topics. The younger students have challenge assignments they take home to implement skills learned in class. By working on the assignments at home, they see firsthand how putting the skills into place, they receive positive feedback and reinforcement.

In our adult classes, we review proper etiquette for social and business occasions. Topics include party planning, table etiquette, silverware and settings, passing food,

“gentlemen” manners, as well as mixing and mingling tips. We also discuss the proper way to write, send and respond to invitations. We answer questions like, “When is it alright to bring children?”, “How should I dress?”, “What are the rules in a business setting”, and even, “Is it proper for a lady to wear a hat after dark?”

If you would like your child to learn proper manners, or if you would like to brush up on your social or business etiquette, please give me a call or check out my blog at, www.careysuevega.com to learn about upcoming classes.

Carey Sue Vega
Etiquette Expert


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