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July Experts Corner
Raising the Bar: Blue Label Bartending
by Garrett Blackwood

It’s a bride’s worst nightmare. The bartender shows up late and leaves drunk, ruining what should have been a perfect day the bride can never recreate. No matter what type of special event a host plans, whether graduations, private parties, reunions or corporate events, no one should ever have to experience the embarrassment of an irresponsible and unprofessional bartender.
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Try Me!
by Ned Shadid

Sometimes people find themselves leaving their profession or a company that doesn’t hold their interest. Maybe that’s because it doesn’t challenge them or pay them enough to make them stay. I guess I can understand that because over twenty years ago I embarked on a new venture that led to a fulfilling and successful career in catering. The challenge? Serve the most difficult to prepare foods for the largest crowds anywhere.
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Your Wish Is Our Command
by Jess Barnes

One of the most important vendors a couple will select for their wedding day is the DJ, a sometimes overlooked detail that can mean the difference between a great time and a disaster. The only thing worse than a bad wedding singer is a DJ who lacks the necessary tact and sensitivity to their client’s taste in music and candor to make a reception all it should be.
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Endless Possibilities for Summer Fun!
by Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock

Are you parents tired of hearing your kids complain about being bored? Are you scrambling for ways to have family fun but can’t seem to get free of the media monster’s movies and video games? Looking for a way to mix up a boring exercise routine and get out of the gym? You might be surprised to find your answers with the Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department.
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Tips & Ideas

Smooth Sailing Events!

-Tip From Garrett Blackwood, (Blue Label Bartending)

“To keep your events running smoothly, communicate, communicate, communicate! Assign multiple tasks to one person but do not assign one task to multiple people. Keeping everyone on the same page and consistently communicating with your team will ensure there is no confusion, no chaos and no stress!"


Try me!

-Tip from Ned Shadid, (Ned’s Catering)

First things first. The budget. While you’re in the planning stage, the most important step, be sure to predict your total cost or the bottom line will get away from you quickly. Have you estimated things like sales tax and the bartender set up fee, or transportation costs? These things can sneak up on you and blur the solid per person cost you initially set. Don’t be surprised, be informed and prepared. Use planning software and checklists so you don’t leave anything out of the equation.

Second always check references, especially if you are planning an event for the first time. If you obtain references for the vendor services you plan to use, you’ll talk to people who are planning the same kind of event you are creating and you’ll know quickly who to choose. When selecting a caterer, always ask for a taste test!



Move to the Music!

-Tip from Jess Barnes, (Shake Rattle & Roll/Black Tie)

Do you have a group of people at the office who can’t seem to let down their hair and work together? Are you dreading finding the right entertainment for that family or class reunion? Nothing brings people together like music and Karaoke is a great way to break the ice. Karaoke can bring out the best in fun loving friends and help loosen people up who need to get better acquainted. Try it at your next party and watch even the most reserved guest grab the mic and move to the music.



-Tip from Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock, (Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Dept.)

When enjoying our parks this summer, please remember that safety comes first. It’s always a good idea to follow a few guidelines to enhance your park experience:

1) Parents – stay involved and help supervise your child’s activities at the playgrounds and spraygrounds.

2) Sun Protection – remember sunscreen is critical in the summer sun (SPF 15+), even if you’re only outside for a few minutes. Make sure to keep a hat and glasses handy, too, for extra protection.

3) Awareness – be aware of your surroundings! When at our parks, if you spot broken glass, hazardous materials, or anything suspicious, don’t hesitate to contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 297-2211! Safety is our top priority and citizen comments are always welcome. Stay cool and have a great summer!

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