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September Experts Corner
Stepping Out
by Janie Dowling

Working moms know what it’s like. Whether you work an office job, a retail store or you work all the hours in between, it’s tough to squeeze in quality family time. Rushing here and rushing there you strive to give your kids every opportunity you can but at the end of the day you wish you could be there more and do more.
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The New Bud Wilkinson Event Center!
by Justing Lenhart

Fewer things are more rewarding than being part of a team who are dedicated to a worthy cause. Preserving a past that will enrich the future is the goal of the Jim Thorpe Association (JTA) and Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. As part of an organization that invests in education, charities, and civic responsibility, I am proud to have a hand in it’s recent growth.
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‘Of Planes, Prairies, and Bistros!’

SEO features the best vendors in the special event planning industry and this month we’re featuring some of the most unique and unusual catering providers. Here are a few highlights from the year, from planes, prairies, and bistros!
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Expensive Taste on an Affordable Budget!
by Maudie Simpson

Fine dining, a gracious venue, spectacular décor, and superb entertainment are a few things that make an event special. Most people think giving their guests that kind of experience is well beyond their budget’s allowance but I know better.
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Tips & Ideas

It’s the Thought That Counts!

-Tip Janie Dowling, (Anabelle’s Galleria)

Nothing shows your deepest appreciation and sincerest wishes than a gift from the heart. Instead of going with the same old routine gift for your guests, show them how you really feel with the thought that counts! Handmade treasures like jewelry, pottery, signs, and textiles never lose their uniqueness, plus you can personalize them with a special message, good thought, prayer, or wish. Give your guests a treasure that will leave them with the warmth of the moment long after the day is gone.


Who killed the music?

-Tip from Justin Lenhart, (Bud Wilkinson Event Center)

Ever been in “mid groove” when the music suddenly stops or just about laugh when the movie suddenly freezes? Don’t walk into your next event without testing every aspect of your event. Just as you do a taste test before you select a caterer or tour a facility before you book it, test your plan for weaknesses. Especially where media is concerned, too many patrons and coordinators forget that anything can go wrong. Make sure your media is free of possible snags like incompatible software or computer programs, outdated CD’s that won’t play on an up-to-date device, or DVD’s that need to be replaced. Nothing is more embarrassing that seeing your guests anticipation dampened when the audio visual presentation hits a snag! Be prepared for the presentation you want to give your guest.



A Sweet Deal!

-From Emeline Bauder, (Nibbles Café)

If you don’t have the luxury of a large budget, consider a sweet reception with unique pastries and desserts paired with exotic coffee and teas? You can achieve an elegant dessert presentation for the price of a small buffet. Time your occasion after dinner for an exciting, cost effective affair!

No Dead-End Party

-From Debbie Leland, (The Prairie Gypsies)

Are you dreading the hours of preparation ahead of you for your next party? Have you tried every fun food out there and now you’re at a dead end? Try take out for the food instead so you can enjoy the evening with your guests. For creative, tasty gift ideas look for sauces, jams, and jarred foods that are made from scratch. Your guests might end up taking home a taste of the evening and serve as a fond reminder of your party’s endeavors.



Design on a Dime!

-Tip from Maudie Simpson, (Special Occasion Event Planner, LLC)

Why not have your wedding ceremony and reception in one place so do you don’t waste money decorating two venues? Why not take advantage of elegant basics like candlelit centerpieces and draped columns instead of elaborate archways? In my experience it is more often the simplest décor that creates the most elegant events so get creative! Think outside the box and not your budget because impeccable taste doesn’t have to break the bank!

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