1. Skyway Balloons, Inc.

    May 1, 2012 by Wil LaPointe

    Hot Air BalloonSky High Events!

    You needn’t stay so grounded when planning your next special event.  Go ahead and reach for the sky!  Launch your promotion or celebration with the uplifting fun of hot air balloons!

    Hello, my name is Wil LaPointe, the owner of Skyway Balloons, Inc.  I was in the cellular communications business when I saw my first hot air balloon in the Tulsa area. I immediately realized the potential to draw a crowd, so I purchased a roof-top type to advertise my business.  One day, a salesman stopped by who also was a balloon pilot.  Although I had never been “up” in a balloon, I purchased a red, white and blue passenger balloon…perfect to promote my U.S. Cellular business.   (Read More…)

  2. 42nd Street Candy Company

    October 24, 2008 by Teresa Wall

    Chocolates by the Basket, Bowl or Buffet!

    What’s a special occasion without chocolate?   The truth is candy, especially chocolate, makes every event just a little bit sweeter and much more memorable.

    Hello, my name is Teresa Wall and I own 42nd Street Candy Company in Oklahoma City.  My road to owning a candy store took a few twists.  I was actually in banking for about seven years and then managed my husband’s medical practice for a couple more. (Read More…)