1. Skyway Balloons, Inc.

    May 1, 2012 by Wil LaPointe

    Hot Air BalloonSky High Events!

    You needn’t stay so grounded when planning your next special event.  Go ahead and reach for the sky!  Launch your promotion or celebration with the uplifting fun of hot air balloons!

    Hello, my name is Wil LaPointe, the owner of Skyway Balloons, Inc.  I was in the cellular communications business when I saw my first hot air balloon in the Tulsa area. I immediately realized the potential to draw a crowd, so I purchased a roof-top type to advertise my business.  One day, a salesman stopped by who also was a balloon pilot.  Although I had never been “up” in a balloon, I purchased a red, white and blue passenger balloon…perfect to promote my U.S. Cellular business.   (Read More…)

  2. Extreme Animals, Inc.

    April 1, 2009 by Melissa Meadows

    Extreme Animals, Inc.Get Wild!

    Children and animals have a very special relationship…especially birthday parties..  But, if you really want to bring smiles to those little faces, consider exchanging the pony or goal for a real “touch” of the exotic. (Read More…)

  3. Dirty Water Coffee Company

    February 1, 2009 by Taggert Dertinger

    A Lotta Latte’!

    “Coffee to go” takes on a whole new meaning when your very own complete Espresso and Smoothie Bar makes a grand entrance at your next special event!

    Hello, my name is Tag Dertinger, the owner of Dirty Water Coffee Company.  I grew up in Oregon where I was used to seeing true drive-thru Espresso shops on nearly every corner.  When I moved to Oklahoma City in 2003, I looked into the possibility of setting up the same business concept here.  Due to regulations and capitol restrictions, I decided to go with another idea – bringing a complete coffee shop into special events.

    (Read More…)

  4. Old Urban Trolley

    October 28, 2008 by Shannon Dotson

    Old Urban TrolleyDing, Ding, Ding Went the Trolley!

    How can you keep the fun moving at your next special event?  Why not consider renting a trackless trolley for a unique mode of transportation or a party on wheels!

    Hello, my name is Shannon Dotson, the owner of Old Urban Trolley in Tulsa, Oklahoma. How did someone like me with a long-time career in debt collection switch to a trolley company?  The answer is simple…there’s no better way to make a living!

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