1. Ingrid’s Kitchen

    January 1, 2009 by Lee Burrus

    Ingrid's KitchenWillcommen to Ingrid’s Kitchen!

    Whether you’re longing for the taste of an authentic German recipe or just an average American looking for an extraordinary meal, there’s one place where old world meets new world for a truly out-of-this world culinary experience!

    Hello, my name is Lee Burrus, the owner of Ingrid’s Kitchen, a unique European-American Bakery Delicatessen and Restaurant.  Beginning in South Dakota, I’ve worked in all areas of the restaurant business for 25 years.  Then, I moved to Oklahoma City in hopes of starting a business here.  Luckily, I spied an ad in the newspaper about an exceptional restaurant for sale called Ingrid’s Kitchen.

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  2. Sand Plum Event Center

    November 1, 2008 by Larry Ladd

    The Sand Plum: Legendary Elegance in Historic Guthrie

    What makes us remember those unforgettable weddings and fantastic events? It isn’t only the music, the fine cuisine and the way we are moved by people we love or admire. It’s also the view from the top and the grandeur of a place unexpectedly unique. Such is the Sand Plum Event Center of Guthrie Oklahoma, one of the oldest and richest buildings in the state. (Read More…)

  3. The Canebrake

    October 29, 2008 by Sam Bracken

    A People-friendly, Earth-friendly Place
    What would you call an Oklahoma venue that leaves you and your guests feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in a way that respects the environment?  When you understand the meaning behind the name The Canebrake, it’s easy to see it was a natural choice. (Read More…)

  4. Dining Express Delivery – 858 To Go

    by Gary Colvin

    Your Favorite Restaurant – Delivered!
    What if there came a day when you could order off the menu of your favorite restaurant for yourself or a thousand family members, friends or co-workers – and then, have it all delivered and set up at your home or special event venue?  Fortunately, that day has arrived! (Read More…)

  5. Painted Door Gift and Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante & Bar

    October 24, 2008 by Avis Scaramucci

    Nonna'sThat Perfect Gift!

     I always give gifts that I would love to receive. They’re also the only gifts I sell! Hello, my name is Avis Scaramucci, owner of Painted Door Gift Store and Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar. Whether it’s a special event, dinner on the town or a gift that will always be remembered, we have it all…right here in Bricktown. (Read More…)

  6. Tom & Jerry’s Steak & Fish Grill

    by Donald Pritchett

    The Jewel of 23rd Street…

    Even when I was a child, it was hard to keep me out of the kitchen.  At 16, my first job was in Kentucky as a prep cook.  Two years later as lead cook, it was becoming increasingly clear to me that preparing food was more than a job; it was a passion that I would pursue as a career.

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  7. The Saturn Grill

    by Chef Joseph Royer

    Hungry for Something Unique?

    Hi, my name is Joseph Royer, owner of The Saturn Grill. I have lived in Oklahoma for most of my life with a few years in Florida and Texas. I have had the privilege of participating and competing in the “National Taste of Elegance” competition hosted by the National Board of Pork while taking home the winning trophy twice. The winning dish (shown below) featured a modern noodle bowl with orange five-spice baby back rib and slow roasted pork shoulder with Ancho and Miso.

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  8. The Ranchers Club

    by Benjamin Coffin

    The Educated Palate…

    When most people think of campus food, they often envision greasy burgers, fries and pizza in a noisy dorm room. But, what about some of the best beef in the state served in an impressive Oklahoma ranch atmosphere?  That and more is what you’ll find at The Ranchers Club in the Atherton Hotel, located in Oklahoma State University’s Student Union.

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  9. Rococo Restaurant and Fine Wines

    by Bruce Rinehart

    East Coast Meets OKC…

    How far would you go to find an award winning restaurant with an east coast edge, international menu, 90 wines, 25 appetizers, great jazz, gangster booths and exceptional service?  Are you thinking Chicago maybe? New York or San Francisco?  Actually, all this and more is closer than you think at Rococo Restaurant right here in Oklahoma City at 2824 North May! (Read More…)

  10. Qdoba

    October 23, 2008 by Eric Renegar

    Fiesta Time!

    Fast food isn’t something an event planner usually thinks of as appropriate catered faire. But, now there’s a new choice that has diners, as well as planners, tossing their hats in the air and yelling, "ole’!

    Hello, my name is Eric Renegar, the owner and operator of Qdoba Mexican Grill in Oklahoma City.  I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, and although I spent a short time in the restaurant business while in school, Qdoba became my career choice mainly due to my degree in marketing from OU and the ability to know a great idea and the right opportunity when I saw it. (Read More…)